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Behold! Speaking Maya Stone Calendar arose out of dust of lost civilization! No one could hear Mayan Date spoken for over 1000 years until now. You have the honor of becoming Maya Calendar caretaker. You will receive Mayan Calendar made of stone rings with carved mayan glyphs. Rings rotate to align glyphs into perfectly organized sequence representing mayan date. Calendar composed of mayan glyphs is a very interesting and beautiful ancient work of art and science.
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Calendar, by power of gods, speaks names of the days in mayan language, counts the days since the Day of Creation, predicts the future and provides place for sacrifices to gods. It's 13th period of B'ak'tun has started on December 21, 2012. What will the next B'ak'tun bring? Only mayan gods know.

Become Indiana Jones and decipher the calendar yourself without using internet and books. Calendar consists of 3 different counts or cycles:
* Long Count - is composed of 5 periods, B'ak'tun, K'atun, Tun, Winal and K'in
* Tzolk'in date (counting days of maya sacred year) is defined by symbols on 2 inner rotating rings of the calendar
* Haab' date is defined by symbols on 2 outer rotating rings

* How many numbers does each of 5 Long Count periods have?
* Which Long Count period represents day? How many days does each of the other periods have?
* How many days does Tzolk'in year have?
* How many days does Haab' year have?
* What is your mayan date of birth?

Your task is a little easier. You do not have to examine hundreds or even thousands of stone carvings, and collect many possible combinations of glyphs representing date to form the big picture. Our calendar has all you need. If you give up, you can always find answers in Crystal Skull.

Your duties of Mayan Calendar caretaker, scholar, astronomer and priest:
* Visit pyramid regularly and give sacrifices to gods
* Honor lords of the night
* Learn glyphs and counting system of the calendar

MAYA STONE CALENDAR brings you following gifts:
* Speaks any date in history or future in Maya.
* Timeline toolbar - tap next/previous glyph to change time by 1 day, tap fast forward or rewind once to play Tzolk'in + Haab' date, tap again to play Tzolk'in date, tab multiple times to rotate rings faster and faster
* Speaks official date - Long Count + Tzolk'in + Haab' date - tap official date glyph to hear date as used in stone carvings to commemorate life of kings and queens.
* Oracle (predicts the future): Shake your iPhone/iPad to turn calendar rings into a future date. The gods will reveal phase of the Moon on that day, Lunar eclipse, Solar eclipse or other event.
* Countdown to the end of Baktun period
* Mayan Alarm Clock
* As calendar caretaker you will enjoy long life, good health and prosperity. You will receive protection of mayan gods.

CRYSTAL SKULL (library of knowledge)
* Mayan Calendar (article) - How mayan calendar works
* Book of all Calendar Symbols - learn glyphs, tap on glyph and hear pronunciation
* Dresden Codex - mayan book which contains astronomical tables
* Paris Codex - added mayan book of rituals
* Oracle Guide - how to give sacrifices to mayan gods. For example: how to reveal future Solar and Lunar Eclipse.

Convert between Mayan Long Count and Gregorian calendar - great for Archeologists and enthusiasts who would like to decipher date on mayan monuments. Date picker for Mayan Long Count allows you to set mayan periods of B'ak'tun, K'atun, Tun, Winal, K'in.
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You can set alarm to any date and time in the future - See on Youtube:

Maya Stone Calendar was designed based on app found on a device buried in an ancient mayan temple for thousands of years. Read "Author's Story" on


Maya Jewel
SF Presidio

This app has both a splendid interface (displaying detailed and colorful carvings) and an easy to use set of features. Maya time keeping is significantly different from the calendars used in western and eastern countries. A date conversion calculator is necessary to translate dates. Of all the apps in the store this is the one I use all the time. If you have any interest in Maya culture, or ancient time keeping this is an excellent investment.


This dude totally deserves the $2.99. It's 2012!

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