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The Ultimate mate in 2 moves chess puzzle app!
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Games $0.99 Gano Technologies LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Sharpen your chess skills with Mate in 2 Puzzles! Beginners and experienced players will enjoy solving these chess problems!

This app has over 1200 interactive chess problems ranging from easy to harder puzzles that will challenge you and help improve your chess skills. The object is to finish each game by forcing a checkmate in 2 moves. The puzzles consist of a large number of classical puzzles collected from a variety of sources. These puzzles are fun to play and can be enjoyed at your leisure on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Mate in 2 chess problems are especially useful for learning to play chess or anyone wanting to improve their skills.

New features added in Version 2.0 include:
- Completely revamped chess engine that is much stronger

- Timing clock is displayed while you are working on each puzzle. How long you take to solve a puzzle is stored.

- New options: more chess piece sets (total of 7) and more colors schemes (total of 7) including wood and marble. (Improved the options menu as well)

- Social Gaming: Leaderboards to compare the number of puzzles you have solved with your friends and other players. Facebook integration - including the ability to post your progress and ask your friends for help on a puzzle.

- Universal app - works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad - high resolution graphics all around (where supported).

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Perfect for Short Breaks

Like being stuck in an elevator.


Excellent set of problems. Many configuration options. Easy to use.

Excellent App. Easy to impossible with lots in between.

The mate in one is excellent also.

Twice a challenging as Mate in 1
The Linville's

Excellent while waiting for opponents in Chess with Friends...

Worth it!
Richard Long

This app is absolutely worth buying. Definitely the best chess puzzle app I've found!

Mate in 2

Great app! Makes you think!! Tons of puzzles for a bargain price.

Ender bishop

Hours of entertainment

More Jello Please

A great app. Really challenges you.

Good n hard
Jimmy baukum



Good idea and layout for an app .... Excellent and expansive selection of two step chess puzzles .... Switch sides of board to see how good the app flows .... Could not find a bug.