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The Ultimate mate in 1 move chess puzzle app!
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Games $0.99 Gano Technologies LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Sharpen your chess skills with Mate in 1 Puzzles! Beginners and experienced players will enjoy solving these chess problems!

This app has over 180 interactive chess problems ranging from easy to harder puzzles that will challenge you and help improve your chess skills. The object is to finish each game by forcing a checkmate in 1 move. The puzzles consist of a large number of classical puzzles collected from a variety of sources. These puzzles are fun to play and can be enjoyed at your leisure on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Mate in 2 chess problems are especially useful for learning to play chess or anyone wanting to improve their skills.

New features added in Version 2.0 include:
- Completely revamped chess engine that is much stronger

- Timing clock is displayed while you are working on each puzzle. How long you take to solve a puzzle is stored.

- New options: more chess piece sets (total of 7) and more colors schemes (total of 7) including wood and marble. (Improved the options menu as well)

- Social Gaming: Leaderboards to compare the number of puzzles you have solved with your friends and other players. Facebook integration - including the ability to post your progress and ask your friends for help on a puzzle.

- Universal app - works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad - high resolution graphics all around (where supported).

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Mate in 1
Yale Guy1989

It improved my game, I noticed I patterns that I never considered before!

Fun fun fun

Fun fun fin

Da Best

The greatest check in 1 out there.

Enjoyable - Please fix five things
Cindy De Santis

It was worth it. I just played all 188 games between last night and tonight and as a novice (some intermediate) level experience, I'm glad I made this purchase. Please fix five things: Let me compete against a friend showing side by side times so we know who solved which puzzles faster Save my previous times so I can see my own progress. Make each successive game within each level harder. Some games were just too easy after some tricky ones. It was obvious it was not about my unique experiences playing chess but rather an obvious removal of difficulty. I know certain 'concepts' need to be ingrained but when you have the same setup and the same move for mate, changing only one non involved piece should not qualify it as a 'new game'! Lastly, can you display the instances where I made a mistake but then still found a solution? This would be good in measuring my progress. Thank you!

A bit too easy but still fun

I enjoy this game a lot. Mate in one is pretty easy but it still has value as an end game trainer. Mate in two and four are better but when you just want to play a simple chess puzzle, this one is really good.

Good but needs improved

Mate in ones are so vital. Work on them. The format of this app makes it pretty clumsy. When you solve a puzzle you have to click back to the list scroll down and click the next one! Very cumbersome. With done updates it might be better.


When I started playing Chess everything looked easy but it was sometimes challenging and I hope like it

Good learning tool
Chess newbie2

Easy to use, gets a player used to looking for that closing move. Ready to move up to Mate in 2 now!

Great learning tool

I really enjoy being able to get in some quick practice whenever I have a spare moment. The app is easy to use and is helping my game.

Excellent app

As promised this has 180 puzzles and they are good for beginners... They give lot of food to your brain... We really enjoyed these ... So much that we bought the next level in a day.

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