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Masquerade: Anonymously Chat with and Post to Friends

Anonymously chat with and post to your friends.
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Social Networking Free NomzPlz Inc iPhone, iPad, iPod

Speak easy and have fun. In your chats, if you both agree, you can reveal your identities to one another.

Share news, funny experiences and all the great things on your mind that you've been keeping to yourself.

Discover your friends and your community.


Unmask the mask

Really unique way to talk to your friends in a different way

The future

I'm usually skeptical of new social media apps, but this one is a winner. It captures the fun of reconnecting with old friends while making you feel open/safe by making you anonymous to each other at the start. It also has the flair of being able to hear what others are saying on the app, which makes it even more interesting. Masquerade is not only here to stay but will be the future of how we connect and converse.


Pretty cool app to discover people around you without the creepy factor.

Sick app
FDDE mastodon

Had good time talking to Harvard kids on this app

Great way to engage with others!

I love how I can be myself on this app and say what I truly think. The people I get matched with are very interesting, and I really enjoy discussing the prompted topics with them. I think it's also great that I can request a chat whenever I want. That said, there are definitely some UI things that need fixing, but overall I'm very happy with the app.