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Download Marvin Classic (free edition) - eBook reader for epub

Marvin Classic (free edition) - eBook reader for epub

IMPORTANT: If you are using iOS 9, you should get the latest and greatest Marvin 3 with 140+ features including vertical and auto scrolling, speed reading, comic book support, text-to-speech, and much more.
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Marvin is an eBook reader for people who are passionate about their books. Get Marvin and find out why readers are calling it "the most brilliant eReader to come out in a long time"

** With the free version you can view one book at a time. **

- A modern and clean user interface, designed for iOS 7
- Format books any way you like
- High fidelity rendering
- Opens DRM-free EPUB books
- A selection of beautiful reading fonts
- Virtually unlimited combinations of text, background colors and page textures
- 2 column layouts in both portrait and landscape (iPad)
- Cloud location sync *
- Publisher layouts and embedded fonts
- Full book search
- Control page warmth and tint in addition to brightness for comfortable night-time reading
- Customizable gestures, swiping to control brightness and warmth, page turn directions, snapping to bookmarks and chapters, etc...
- A reading timer
- Powerful highlighting and annotation tools
- Create custom commands with presets to integrate with Google Maps, Bing Images, Tweetbot, IMDb, Lingvo, Goodreads, Facebook, Wikipedia, the Merriam-Webster dictionary and more

- Artificial intelligence that reads your books and helps you discover great things about them, their authors, characters, places, events and everything else (English only)
- Intelligently search for and pin web content such as articles, reviews and videos
- Build character summaries as separate EPUBs in seconds
- Automatically build a vocabulary as you look up words in the dictionary
- Offline and online dictionaries

- Incredibly powerful library management tools
- Custom and smart collections
- List and cover library views
- Sorting, filtering and grouping
- Group books by word count
- Reads calibre and extended metadata (subjects, series and tags)
- A metadata editor that also lets choose new covers

- Virtually all the content you see, create and find can be exported and shared
- All exported content can be opened in web browsers and word processors for further reference
- Share status, progress, pictures, text selections and highlights to Facebook and Twitter

- Find books anywhere in your Dropbox *
- Native calibre support with integration that other readers can only dream of (iOS 8.2 or earlier)
- OPDS catalogs
- Web downloads
- iTunes and email side-loading

- Marvin opens DRM-free EPUB 2.0 books
- Dropbox support and location sync requires a Dropbox account

If you're into DRM-free books, we've worked hard to make Marvin the best way to enjoy them.


Oops, Code=400

I downloaded the free version onto my iPhone to read an ebook in Dropbox. When I connect to Dropbox, I get an “Oops” with a code 400. I can’t find anyplace to report errors.

Too. Limited

Sadly this version is way too limited. You can only see one(1) book at a time in the library. The whole point of me see ing If I like this program is to see how good the library system is and one book just doesn't cut it. I can understand a limited library (10 to 20) but one book viewing doesn't allow that. Would be nice in the author sort menu if you could preview the title of a book or 2. 1/2 the time I forget the authors name, but can remember based on a couple of book samples where a book I want is. Bugs: crashes if trying to connect to calibre and forget to turn on the calibre end the connection Shuffle books does not work (dice icon) Searching for a book does not work (is fine in the "all book" menu, but doesn't any where else that I've tried) edit: never mind doesn't work here either Really needs quick scrolling on the author/author sort/unread/selector (when you hit the upper right icon to bring up display options). The right side would work great for that because there is a lot of empty space. It would also be nice if there could be quick selection there for quick selecting a collection or something like that

Really good
Christopher Marios

If only the book limit was like 5 or so.

Awesome app
Omar Vassel

Best ebook reader I've had since the old Stanza. I can't imagine it doesn't have anything a user could want. Worth it.

The new standard in e-reader apps

This app is amazing. So fluid. Very customizable reading page. Excellent library management options, wired and wireless. Calibre integration. Easy to use. ! Try this, and you WILL get the full version really soon. I know I am.

Get the paid version

This app was horrible with ads, get the pro version, VERY nice and best I have seen.

Print too small

I have been unable to determine how to increase the font size. As it is, I am unable read what is displayed. That makes it of no value to me.

Ad Sub

What a great app to read! I just wish you could see what page you are on in the book.

The reading app

This is the app all readers have been waiting for. This is exactly what iBooks should be. Great customization options for text font, size, and color. You can adjust brightness. I've been a big fan of this app since it was first released on iPad. It's the only thing I read on now.

No connection

Marvin seems OK, but I can't connect to see any calibre books. I can browse the calibre library server in Safari on the iPhone, but Marvin hangs on a 'Ready...' screen. It seemed like it might be a good way to organize books between devices, but simply browsing on Safari to share between devices seems to be the way to go for me.

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