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Keep your friends close with Marco Polo.
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1. You tap on the button and start talking
2. Your friend listens and responds right away, or waits until it’s convenient
3. You keep going and stay close!

** Feel close to those you love, no matter the distance
** Talk all you want, no limits
** Watch all you want, messages don’t disappear
** Look and feel awesome with fab filters
** Easy to use and easy on your data plan :)

** Sing happy birthday to your friend through the movie star filter
** Say “good night” to your bf with the night vision filter
** Send your friends a clip of your awesome vacation
** “Stretch out” a conversation if you’re busy or use it like a walkie-talkie for non-stop fun
** Stay connected wherever you are: in the subway, waiting in line, at a concert…
** Have a group conversation with your besties so everyone is kept in the lop

Bye-bye phone tag and awkward voicemails...and hello Marco Polo!

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Could use improvements

I love this app because it allows me to talk as long as I want (without cutting off like snapchat and instagram) but the quality is severely lowered when you send the video and I REALLY WISH it had a couple cool filters like on Snapchat. Just some fun themed ones that make my skin look nice 🙃 I use it a lot but I think it could use some improvements.

Privacy nightmare

My girlfriend and her family used this a few times to send me videos of my godchildren. Love getting videos of the kids but why do I have to give access to my microphone and camera to WATCH a video? Something isn't right about this. Is it recording me while I watch the video? Even if I give access to the camera and mic but try to cover them up while I watch a video I was sent, playback is interrupted. Very concerned about the privacy implications on this, I revoked the access and deleted the app.

It screwed!!!!!

Tried to put on a Video 4 times, getting tossed out after a second. Forget it

Soooo useful

I use this app to keep up with my closest friends and my long distance boyfriend. It’s nice to take the pressure off communication!!!

Great app

It’s the texting of phone service. You can respond when it’s convenient and still ha e a full conversation. Great way to keep up with friends and family in other locations.

There are ups and downs
I met Jesus

I have this app and it is great for communicating but when it comes to actually working, it loads for a super long time when I try ti watch something that I have been sent.

Love it

Thus far

Great Way to Keep in Touch

My friend convinced me to download this app when we both moved away from home. I was reluctant at first, but I am so glad I did. Marco Polo makes it easier for busy people to keep in touch with friends and family in a way that still feels conversational and more personal and meaningful than text. I love how convenient Marco Polo makes communicating as you don’t have to be available at the exact moment someone is talking to you and can open the message at a better time for you. This also makes sending messages easier because you don’t have to plan around the other person’s schedule or worry about interrupting their daily life. I definitely recommend Marco Polo to anyone who wants to maintain relationships and stay connected to people they might otherwise lose touch with over time.

When I record a MP, volume goes up and down
Heap Fam

I can’t find a fix for this issue. And I don’t think it’s my phone (could be) because the volume is steady and even when I record a video on camera app. Otherwise, love this app!