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Marco Polo - Stay in Touch

Keep your friends close with Marco Polo.
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1. You tap on the button and start talking
2. Your friend listens and responds right away, or waits until it’s convenient
3. You keep going and stay close!

** Feel close to those you love, no matter the distance
** Talk all you want, no limits
** Watch all you want, messages don’t disappear
** Look and feel awesome with fab filters
** Easy to use and easy on your data plan :)

** Sing happy birthday to your friend through the movie star filter
** Say “good night” to your bf with the night vision filter
** Send your friends a clip of your awesome vacation
** “Stretch out” a conversation if you’re busy or use it like a walkie-talkie for non-stop fun
** Stay connected wherever you are: in the subway, waiting in line, at a concert…
** Have a group conversation with your besties so everyone is kept in the lop

Bye-bye phone tag and awkward voicemails...and hello Marco Polo!

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It’s a good app, but….
Tina B-e-autiful

I use the app everyday to talk to my friends and my husband. But my husband is upset that I was on the app at 3 am. I wasn’t, I was asleep. Why does the app say I was on 3 hours ago when I haven’t accessed the app in 14 hours? Help!


Marco Polo is a great way to stay in touch with friends, sports team mates, etc. I would definitely recommend!

Can’t live without this app

This app has slowed me to keep I touch with the people most important to me, thank you

Loyal user now forced to pay yearly

I’ve been an avid user of this app for YEARS. 5+ years. Now after being forced to update I’m now also forced to pay a giant yearly fee to use the same features that used to be free. It’s a hard pill to swallow when something you’ve loved for so long becomes a money pit.

Love it ?

It’s a FUN way to talk to your family, and ESPECIALLY GRANDKIDS… and do it at your leisure!!! Thanks Marco . . . Polo ?!!!

hadee badee❤️‍?

Marco is one of the best ways to video chat with ur friends with out having to send videos or call or FaceTime??

Sneaky money grab

LOVED this app, then was enticed to click this click that before I could see my family’s most recent video. ENDED UP with a credit card charge of $119 for the plus product. Only to learn that now there was a 7 day “free” trial, but this meant if I cancelled that I was no longer grandfathered into the “free” app. NOW I am no longer able to see or use the app unless I want to pay for it. Sneaky, Swindle of unsuspecting elderly people. I will go without unless the truly FREE app is brought back. I will not monetarily support a company that preys and takes advantage of people in this way.

Staying connected to friends
MLE speaks

I love Marco super easy never get interrupted always feel heard and you can do it on your time

Canceled subscription
45 king jay

Hello can you make sure my subscription is canceled? I am not using this app

Love it

Love getting to see the people I love quickly and on my own time. Thank you Marco Polo!!! Love getting to see the people I love quickly and on my own time. Thank you Marco Polo!!!