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Download Marathon Trainer - Run/Walk/Run Beginner and Advanced Training Plans with Jeff Galloway

Marathon Trainer - Run/Walk/Run Beginner and Advanced Training Plans with Jeff Galloway

Jeff's 30 week training program will get you ready to complete your first marathon, or you can improve your current time with his specially designed speed training program. Jeff's unique Run-Walk-Run training method builds speed and endurance for runners of all levels, focusing on injury-free training and, above all, the pure enjoyment of running.
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Health & Fitness $19.99 lolo, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Jeff's unique Run-Walk-Run training method uses the principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to quickly, and safely improve your endurance. Studies have shown that 27 minutes of HIIT 3 times a week promotes the same cardio improvements as running continuously for 60 minutes, 5 times a week. Why beat up your body with inefficient training when you can get fit fast with the Galloway Method.

• Use Jeff Galloway's unique Run-Walk-Run training method.
• lolo's beat-sync technology perfectly matches the tempo of your music to your running pace.
• Jeff's 30 week program will help you complete your first marathon race without injury or pain.
• An additional 27 week program is included to help experienced runners improve their marathon race time.
• Includes periodic Magic Mile Tests to help you check your progress and dial in your pace as your training progresses.
• The time goal program includes Cadence Drills, Acceleration Gliders, and Speed Interval Training sessions to improve your form as you condition your body.
• Half point indicator to let you know when to turn around.
• Works outside or an a treadmill.
• Completely interactive. Change your workout at anytime and your coach Jeff Galloway — and your music — will respond!
• Sync your workouts to the Health app.

Bonus Content: Download 15 tracks of high-energy fitness music for FREE.

Jeff Galloway is truly a running legend. He ran with Steve Prefontaine, Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, and Amby Burfoot when the United States was a leading power in marathoning. He ran in over 130 marathons and continues to average about 7 marathons a year. Jeff is also a legendary running coach, with over 30 years of expertise safely progressing runners of all levels to the finish line with a smile on their faces. Jeff's running books have sold over a million copies, and he writes a monthly column in Runner's World. If you're looking for an expert coach, why not have one of the best in the world?

Jeff Galloway's Marathon dynamically changes the beat of YOUR music to perfectly match your pace. Research shows that music distracts the brain during exercise and faster music causes people to accept and even prefer a greater degree of effort. This means you will work harder without trying (or without even feeling the difference), you will get better results from the increased effort, and most importantly, the time will fly by. You can also download 15 tracks of high-energy fitness music for FREE to really get your playlist pumping.

Whether you're looking to complete your first race or you want to improve your marathon time, Easy marathon has the perfect program for you. Your pace and Run-Walk-Run ratio of each workout is customized to your ability, plus Easy marathon gives you complete control as you move through your workout. Turn the intensity down a bit when you're struggling or crank it up when you're ready for more, and Easy marathon adjusts your workout — and your music — on the fly.

Easy marathon includes GPS tracking* so you can see your pace and the distance covered during your workouts. GPS works best outside with a clear view of the sky. When you want to work indoors on a track or on a treadmill, use your beat-synced music to set your pace, and Easy marathon will track your results.

Works with Health
- Completed workouts sync to the Health app, including distance, calories burned and duration.

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


OK App Not Good Training Plan

So the App has some Pros and Cons. Pros: Don't need to think about when to start and stop your intervals. Has Plan preloaded so you don't have to look up milage Slows the music down for walk segments Cons: Music Slow down crashed my iPod app Slowing the music down distorts the whole track Training plan is not good for advance much less beginner EX week 16 long Run 6 miles, Week 17 long Run 17 miles. too big a jump. Ended up deleting this app from my device so my iPod would work again.

App not ready for prime time

What a disappointment. I am a big fan of Jeff Galloway and the Run Walk Run method and am running my first marathon in 2 weeks. I was hoping this app would would help. For $20 I expected much more. It lacks many of the features of the other apps such as Runkeeper and iSmoothRun and is four times the cost. Worse yet it can't even do basic math. I keyed in a 12 minute/mile pace and it gave me a finishing time requiring an 11 minute pace. I discovered this after running with it this morning and ruining my body with it's outrageous pace. Don't waste your money until they fix the obvious bugs, add the features of the other apps and price it more reasonably.

Great Program, Great App!

I love Jeff and his training method. I've read his book and all his principles are really captured in this app. The long runs build up every other week with a shorter run to help you recover but still keep your mileage up. I've been through his half marathon program and it really works. It's surprising how doable it is to cover these distances. The flexibility to adjust the app when you need to ease up is really helpful. Somedays you just need to slow it down to keep moving forward and most apps can't adjust on the fly like this one. I couldn't recommend it more.

Useless app - battery runs out after 17 miles

I have never commented about an app before but this app has so many flaws that it makes it worthless. I tried it once and my battery ran down so fast that after a 14 mile workout, I only had 20% battery power left. Today I ran a 17 mile workout but I made sure that I was 100% charged, turned off GPS (since I was running a 1.75 mile set route), turned off all other apps from running, turned off all location services and I only had 10% power left after 17 miles. How in the heck am I going to use this app to run 26 miles? This is in addition to many of the other bugs that I have found such as 1) the music slowing down when it tells me to run and should be speeding up 2) Jeff's cues are sometimes off - on my 14 mile run at one point he said you've run 18 miles you can cut out the walk breaks if you feel good..3) the gps mileage is off. I was on my set 1.75 mile route and it said I had run much farther than I know I really had. 4) Sometimes the songs just turn off. I made sure that all of my songs had the registered beats per minute and yet the music just stops until I skip the song. 5) Jeff's cues can not always be heard. Even during the same song, sometimes his voice is so quiet in comparison to the song that you can not hear it. Please wait to purchase until these kinks can be worked out.

Dt ok

Probably a great training and coaching aid for those considering or just beginning training. I purchased late in the training process while following printed book guidance. I found it to be almost impossible to use for my purposes. I can say this was the biggest waste of money ever spent on an app. Tried to use for late-stage training and the actual race and found that it did more harm than good. Valuable voice guided pacing was unreliable. This app is a poor value due to high price! The number of apparentGalloway method participants in the recent MCM was astonishing. My advice is to skip the app and buy the book or find a local group.


I've been using this app religiously for about 7 weeks now, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to play my own playlists and still listen to Jeff's prompts and encouragment. This is not the easiest app to figure out -- the instructions are very lacking.... I cannot at all figure out how to play my own music without it changing the beats to the songs AND still hear Jeff. Not only that, so many of the songs I try to upload from my iTunes library into the app's playlist feature get rejected. It is so frustrating. More than frustrating, actually. Right now, I really would not recommend this app unless you want to be stuck exercising to the same 15 tracks of techo music for each and every single training run you do -- and that's not any good at all . Lolo or anyone there at this app's tech support -- please, please, please respond and help, and I will be glad to revise this review and talk about how responsive you are and what a great app this is. If I can figure out how to do this one seemingly simple thing, I would give it 5 stars. AND THE LINK FROM THIS APP TO YOUR TECH SUPPORT IS BROKEN, by the way. AGH!


This app is a terrible waste of money. Spent the time to create a playlist, went to run and guess what no playlist. The app for some reason did not work with my bluetooth headphones. Worst of all when I chose a 9 min pace it stated to run at 7.6 mph. A little math will tell you that a 9 min pace would be 6.7 mph. Finally, the support website has no information on it. I emailed them for help or a refund and have been ignored. $20 for this?


1st say using this, love it so far except its very hard to hear Jeff over the music. Is there a way to adjust that?

Love the freedom and energy with run/walk!

This is a great app that allows you to incorporate your own playlists or use the music that comes with the app. My only suggestion is that you turn up Jeff's voice! I have missed several instructions to either start walking or start running. Another suggestion is to allow you to continue session if you are not quite at your stopping point when the session ends.

I really like it but...

It would be great if they would update it so GPS would work with the iPhone 5. As it is I have to run another GPS running program along with the Jeff Galloway program when I run. When an update is made I'll give it 5 stars.