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Featured in Apple's TV ads.
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Photo & Video $2.99 Kenneth Kao iPhone, iPad, iPod

Have precise control over focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and flash level, just by simply moving the slider while taking a photo or video.

Manual Camera gives you DSLR-like controls with an intuitive interface.

Other Features:
• Realtime histogram
• Lock values
• Video formats, 24p, slo-mo support
• 4k, 60p on supported devices
• Audio level meter
• Photos and videos filters
• Live shutter speed preview / viewfinder mode
• Cinematic video stabilization
• Timer
• Smooth focus while recording
• Photos and videos saved directly to camera roll
• Browse and delete right in the app
• Geotagging

• Focus
Control the lens position of your camera, focus from macro to infinity.

Control the sensitivity of your camera to light, balance between better image quality and brighter images.

• Shutter Speed
Control the amount of time your camera’s shutter is open. Short shutter speeds can freeze fast-moving subjects, while long shutter speeds can achieve motion blur effects.

• EV
Fine tune the exposure by adjusting the exposure value compensation.

• White Balance
Control the color temperature of your image, to get the most accurate color.

• Flash Level:
Adjust the brightness of the iPhone’s LED flash.

• Zoom:
Zoom up to 5x while taking a photo or video.

Tap "Focus", "ISO, "Speed", or "WB" to lock the current value. Tap again to switch back to auto mode.


Absolutely worth $3

Runs a little slowly. Don’t know about battery power usage yet, but this app is incredible. Absolutely what I wanted.

Don’t look no farther!

It’s here and the only one needed!!!!!

Sharkboy Hawaii

Updated to one star as I contacted the developer weeks ago and have gotten no response. Getting refund from Apple. New to iOS, have always had Notes. As a photographer I wanted to take advantage of newer iPhone abilities to shoot RAW and have some manual control. Unfortunately this app was a let down as it’s longest shutter speed was only 1/15. Plus there is the annoying fake shutter sound with no option to turn it off. Finally today every pic I took with the app was blank. Too unreliable, and disappointing especially for a paid app. Uninstalling.

Lacking basic photography concepts.
Ryan NC

Just a little tip...Daylight is higher on the Kelvin scale around (5600k), and tungsten is more around (3200k) the app has the symbols flip flopped. Warmer in color doesn’t mean a higher number on the Kelvin scale. I feel if you’re making a photography app this should be common knowledge. The histogram is pretty wonky. I’m fairly sure this is just a meter for how light or dark the frame is. A real histogram should be showing the underexposed and over exposed areas. Rather than just averaging it out on a bar graph. Can I get a refund?

Carcharodon Carcharias 22

It gives you the control of the camera you always wanted, but without the sacrifice of continuity. It looks almost exactly like the camera app that comes installed on iOS, but with more features. I love it!

Almost there

This app is great and does what I want it to, except for as soon as you swipe all the way to the right to "zoom" it freezes and you can't swipe back to your other options.

Simple and yet powerful

Probably the best camera app. It's so easy to use. You have control over focus, speed, and and ISO. I wish it had the option to save TIFF files.


Perfect user interface. Please add histogram.

Focus doesn't work

When shooting video, continuous focus doesn't work. Useless!!!

Very well done!

I wish you can lock some of the controls such as shutter speed ect when filming a vid. When you look back to review some of the footage you just took, then go back to record further, the settings all go back to Auto by its self. I wish the settings would stay how I left it.