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Mandala Coloring Pages Game

100 Mandala coloring pages for adults and kids. Both easy and complex mandala's for everyone.
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Games Free 2 Monkeys iPhone, iPad, iPod

Become relaxed and zen!

This app offers:
* 100 Mandalas
* Zoom
* Easy to play
* Share your artwork
* Save and load your work
* Undo button
* and more....

Have fun and a creative moment!


Luv it!

This coloring app is great! It allows use of all colors without having to pay...great pictures to choose from...would like a bit more variety but still good πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Pure Enjoyment!

I really like this app! There are plenty of designs to color as well as colors to choose from. I have colored from the very first picture to the very last picture 3 times now. Each time using different coloring schemes...bold, soft, life-like, cartoonish, etc. The coloring is a great way to relax quietly. I have two other coloring apps on my iPad, but this is the best of the three. The addition of a few more designs would be nice though. Peggy D., California

Wrong charge

This app was supposed to be free and they charged me without my consent. Not fair. I’m asking everywhere for my reimbursement...

Pretty good for the price you pay

What sets this colouring app apart from the rest is its "magic" option, which has the outlines of your piece in white, rather than black. You can really see a piece transform as you near competing it. I am hopelessly addicted to this mode. On the other hand, the zoom doesn't quite go far enough, the ads are a wee bit annoying, my thumbs and fingers seem to be too big to colour certain spots (the undo button becomes your best friend sometimes), and I'd like to see a colour wheel implemented somehow. Or more colour variety.

I Luv U Coloring Book

What a nice way to just relax. No asking people to send you items, coins, etc. Just sit back with a nice cup of hot chocolate, music in the back ground and color. Wonderful, just wonderful!!!

Good good good

Fun but slow

Love it!!! ❀️

It's a great app with tons of mandalas to choose from... All for FREE!!! It doesn't get better than that!!

Fun and creative

Ads are a little annoying but overall a fun app with many different patterns.

Too sensitive

Every time I try to move the image where ever I touch changes color. When I'm done I see a lot of places that are changed


Typical "free" coloring