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Rule the skies, feed the kids, and surprise your prey as the fierce but caring Mama Hawk.
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Games Free Computer Lunch LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Over 40 levels of animal-grabbing, baby-feeding, high-(and low)-flying fun, each with a variety of challenges like obnoxious skunks, prickly porcupines, and bipolar clouds.

• Over 20 unique animals will make you appreciate the beauty of nature! And then you feed them to your kids!

• Mama Hawk is a fast-paced parenting simulator with flight and downward dives. Your babies’ survival depends on your speed and skill!

• Who needs the Queen from Aliens when you can be MAMA HAWK? She can pick up animals thrice her size, and won’t hesitate to drop a cute bunny into her nest of hungry babies.

• Collect bug coins to unlock upgrades and power-ups. Bug coins are cute enough as it is, but in MAMA HAWK, you get awesome upgrades to go with them.

• Simple, one-finger control scheme is easy to learn, but with a sky-high ceiling for mastery. When you get really good at Mama Hawk, the game soars (pun intended).


Something that fits my personality

I love this game. It’s cute. It’s a nice simple relaxing game for when you really want to wind down and don’t want to play a game with hard to use controls. While yes some times you can’t get the mamma to drop the food but I think that’s either a user error or that the phone sensitivity is just not fast enough. I’m not saying it will never challenge you or frustrate you but overall I find it really relaxing. Plus it is a really novel game that isn’t yet overly copied cloned and over used. How many copies of bejeweled do we really need? Give this game a serious chance!

Mama Hawk
lacker slacker

This is very challenging but fun to pass the time and hard on some levels

Problems with rewards

I love this game it is really good I would suggest it to all my friends I have one problem with the ads for the rewards maybe they should make the ads into a mini game

So good
birdy trip is spectacular

This is like the best app ever catbird used to be but recently when I got a new iPad mama hawk became my favorite game of all time


Fun and addicting

Animal Jam finatic

This game is super fun and addictive the only things I don't like are advertisements and that there are very few levels. Otherwise I love it! Good job!


I finished the whole game loved it

Real good

Smooth, simple, and fun.

So unique!

I love this game! It is so weird and addictive I can’t help but play it. Never played a game with such a unique concept. Good job in creating a game that is so much fun and yet so out of the box. Love it!

Love it
The HK story

I love this game because it is fun challenging and cool