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Rule the skies, feed the kids, and surprise your prey as the fierce but caring Mama Hawk.
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Games Free Computer Lunch LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Over 40 levels of animal-grabbing, baby-feeding, high-(and low)-flying fun, each with a variety of challenges like obnoxious skunks, prickly porcupines, and bipolar clouds.

• Over 20 unique animals will make you appreciate the beauty of nature! And then you feed them to your kids!

• Mama Hawk is a fast-paced parenting simulator with flight and downward dives. Your babies’ survival depends on your speed and skill!

• Who needs the Queen from Aliens when you can be MAMA HAWK? She can pick up animals thrice her size, and won’t hesitate to drop a cute bunny into her nest of hungry babies.

• Collect bug coins to unlock upgrades and power-ups. Bug coins are cute enough as it is, but in MAMA HAWK, you get awesome upgrades to go with them.

• Simple, one-finger control scheme is easy to learn, but with a sky-high ceiling for mastery. When you get really good at Mama Hawk, the game soars (pun intended).


A great game, but adds are overpowering

I loved this game, but this made the overwhelming adds even worse. The levels move fast and are well paced, but this makes the adds between levels far longer than levels themselves. I spend over half my time on it watching unskipable 30-60 second adds, so unfortunately it is getting deleted.

More levels please

I LOVE this game, but I ran out of levels to play and now I am stuck doing nothing. Please go past level 70!!!!

MaMa Hawk

This is a top notch fun fantastic game. Totally unique and original unlike any game I’ve played. The graphics are eye popping and art concepts are jaw dropping! This is a beautifully designed game so much fun to play and the fluidity of the controls makes it feel almost effortless to play. I love the theme of this game a MaMa Hawk has to feed her hungry little babies and the creativity of ways to feed them blew my mind, bright, refreshing and well thought out the developers of this game went above and beyond! Nothing was left out...Brilliant!!! This is a must have game. I would rate it an 11 if I could.

Epic GameπŸ˜„
Iyanah Cruz

This game is really addicting and also fun. Really great game to play to pass time.

Un lovit


A great kind loving mom

I just wanted to say that I love that on the outside the mama hawk looks like a fearce angry hawk but on the inside she’s a kind loving mom

Good deal
cadet Hinojo

I really liked this game I wish there were more levels I didn’t review until I finished it and I did today and I have to say I enjoyed it only thing I would like is a faster way to make coins and new skins unlocked faster maybe a little power up with each one

Not enough content

Although I love this game, it took me a single day to beat the entire thing. They have yet to add any levels since. Don’t waste your time

I LOVE this game!!!

I wish there were more than 70 levels

Really Good

It’s rare for me to find a game in the App Store that keeps me playing. I usually get bored in a matter of hours. But this game is fun and addictive. The movements are smooth and accurate. The only things I could say to improve is ability to earn more coins during game play, and just more difficult levels. I got through the first 70 in a day. I Want More!