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Make It Rain: Gangster Edition

Are you ruthless enough to become the boss in this gritty gangster simulation. Collect cash and make the right investments and climb to the top of a criminal empire.
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There's too many ads

Ads ads ads

A menu driven game that insists on displaying multiple ads per menu selection. Terribly obnoxious.

All Ads
Frank Arana

There were two ads before I even did anything, and then two ads every time I changed tabs. Also there are misspelled words everywhere. A complete waste of time.


A more straightforward description of this game would've saved me the time used to make the regretful decision to download this game.

Modest game ever

Don't bother


Lame. 2 ads every time you: A. open the app B. Change tabs C. The game doesn't think you're appreciating it enough D. You cough/sneeze too loud. Furthermore this is the exact same game as the regular make it rain, just with changed pictures. Like, the descriptions aren't even changed, it says piggy bank next to the picture of brass knuckles. Lame, I thought it would be fun, but it was just lame.

All the ads

This thing has so many ads that it stacks ads on top of each other


The ads are so annoying. I spent an hour trying to escape the app because every time I go into this one add comes up I can't X out of so I have to close the tab and try again. I then finally got past the adds and realized the game wasn't even good. Then the add was back again. I hope the person responsible dies a slow miserable death regretting this game more every second of pain.