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Mahjong 3D Match-Quest Journey

Mahjong 3D is a relaxing, casual board game perfect for passing the time, whether you only have a few minutes or several hours. The goal is to match pairs of tiles to clear the board. Use strategy and match the tiles in the correct order to remove them all. It’s the perfect blend of logic and relaxation, great for players of all ages!
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Games Free Jianfu Wang iPhone, iPad, iPod

---- FEATURES ----

- Three modes and thousands of levels await your challenge
- Amazing HD backgrounds and stunning artwork
- High-quality tile sets
- Auto-hint option
- Fully optimized for retina display
- Challenge your friends and climb the leaderboard!

Enjoy the many health benefits of playing mahjong! Proven to support a healthy mind by developing concentration, improving cognition and increasing memory, it’s a fantastic, fun way to exercise your brain.


Really 3D

Nice! This is 3D mahjong, so fun.




Too many pop up ads

Addicting game
Miss Zoeey

I love this game. Can’t stop playing it. Very good graphics.

How to play

There is no instructions on whats what and no choices to change pattern of tiles

No Instructions

Besides no ads, what are the other tiles on the bottom of the screen?


Not very challenging. Ads between each board. Good thing it’s free 💤💤💤


In not a HUGE Mahjong player but this ganda version makes me really love it. Perfect for fast quick Games or game binging

Mahjong 3D/Too Many Ads
Chele C

I love playing Mahjong, keeps my brain active & sharp. This is a good game except the ads after every single puzzle! I know it’s free, but I have other free Mahjong games that don’t have near as many ads like this game has. Very annoying!

Forcing me to take a hint
E zone 2000

every time you take more than 5 seconds take a move, it forces you to take a hint. Also way too many ads. An as to just get to the pause menu