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This is a relaxing, casual board game perfect for passing the time, whether you only have a few minutes or several hours. The goal is to match pairs of tiles to clear the board. Use strategy and match the tiles in the correct order to remove them all. It’s the perfect blend of logic and relaxation, great for players of all ages!
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Enjoy the many health benefits of playing mahjong! Proven to support a healthy mind by developing concentration, improving cognition and increasing memory, it’s a fantastic, fun way to exercise your brain.

---- FEATURES ----

- Three modes and thousands of levels await your challenge
- Amazing HD backgrounds and stunning artwork
- High-quality tile sets
- Auto-hint option
- Fully optimized for retina display
- Looks beautiful on all devices - iPhone,iPhoneX, iPad and iPod Touch
- Challenge your friends and climb the leaderboard!



Great I enjoy this one because it doesn’t have timed playing and not too many restrictions but can’t find rules for playing

Good one!

I really love the game, but.... I don't like that it gives 2 minutes for every game, (for 3 stars) no matter the number of tiles to match! Needs more versatile on time for 3 stars!!! 😬😬


Fun, cool game. There’s an ad every single time you complete a level and it get kind of annoying sometimes when you just want to play but fun game honestly

Worst I have played yet.

Don’t bother downloading this there are far better variants of the game. The tile set is hard on my eyes, with no apparent way to change it.mode 1/first 100 levels are so easy I blew through them winning the three star speed (under 2 minutes) in a little over an hour despite the ads and the tile set issue. Then starting at level 100 the game gets much much harder. Without any ramp up in difficulty. In order to get three stars on any level you have to complete the level in under 2 minutes, I suspect that only a computer could three star every level. There should be a variability in the time depending on the level of difficulty of the set. The games navigation is horrible, In each mode you only see 4 boards on the screen at a time and you have to click an arrow button to change levels, swiping does not seem to be allowed. If you quite the game and come back, when you go into the mode area it starts you out at the lowest level for the mode and you have to click click click to get back to where you were.


I’m sooo in love with 😍 this app and games. There’s sooo many different ways to play that I didn’t even know about which keeps me playing.......

GS uber

I get this email that says I preordered this app. First of all who preorders an app? Second there are a 1000 games just like this one, so I could just download one of those. I really hope I didn’t pay anything for this and not sure of this BS preorder scheme.


Love this game:)