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MagiCam is paid iOS app published by LateNite Apps

Crashes after every photo taken on 6S Plus

J in Jersey

The app crashes after every picture taken on the 6S Plus. It receives 3 stars because I can go back into the app and manipulate the photo taken, but it is a pain that it crashes after every single capture.

Was a five star app...


Not sure what is going on, but it keeps closing as soon as I take a photo. I love this app. Please fix the crashing.

Crashing after one photo


I LOVE this app, but since updating the iOS to 9.0 it has been crashing after one photo. Please fix it! I love taking sparkly pictures!



Love this app. I use this all the time when taking pictures, but now I have to re-open the app after every shot. I will change review when this is fixed! So pretty please with sugar on top, fix this F&@king app!



Wanted to try this app because I love Camera +. Bummed out that the app keeps crashing. When it works, it's a great app! Hope the crashing issue will be fixed soon.

Oh no! What happened?


I used to love this app but it no longer works on my iPhone 6s running iOS 9. It crashes whenever I snap a photo. Please fix it. It was my favorite quick-shot app.

Crashes in iOS 9.1


Crashes after each shutter click.

Keeps crashing


Keeps crashing when I take a picture. It's unusable now. Old review follows: Makes pictures look great without giving them an artificial filter look. It has become my go to camera app.



When it works it's great. Mine crashes after each photo. Fix it please.

Nothing is worst then paying and the app crashes


Also as bad as when you can't get the developer. This app has no setting to import photos. If it does it crashes before you will find it. The app knows it's crashing. It send crash logs to the developer. If you can't make an ap that works, don't charge people money for it.

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