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Magic Live Wallpaper & Theme is free iOS app published by shasha yu

Do not be fooled

Cat Artist

Nothing live is free



Ok, let me get this straight. There are four free pictures, the rest you have to pay. I chose the free diamond one. I pressed the “save” button, so I can save it to photos. After that, I went in to settings and turned this on. Did it work? No! This was a total waste. I’m sorry, but...

One star. Why? Well here is the reason.


Ok to make this clear, why so much money for some wallpaper app?!?! Also, why is there only four wall paper that are free (ok that sounded bad). All I wanted was a live ocean on my screen. And what did I get?! A pop-up that tells me I need to buy this thing. Don’t waste you downloading this app and the wallpapers if you can’t even get anything. T^T

This is a one star app because


When you get on the screen where all the wallpapers are it looks fine but then when you click on it it’s all slow laggy and weird. I really was expecting something better.

Don’t work on iPad


I’ve been trying to find one for SOOOOO long on iPad and I can’t just find it! I really want a live wallpaper for iPad

Can’t get it to work! Horrible!


How do you get it to work? I downloaded some and they are not in photos or settings! One star!

Let’s talk about this TRASH!

mia yaf

If your a person who doesn’t want to pay for games(witch is me)then this app is not for you. Every single wallpaper cost money and it takes forever to download a wallpaper and after waiting for it to download then it shows you how the wallpaper is live and it’s horrible.There is a free section but it only has four options and those options are not good.this is just a waste of time. DO NOT GET THIS APP!!! ,Sincerely ME!