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Magic Duck Unlimited

A breakthrough in eliminating the classic puzzle game !
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Games Free PAN YA iPhone, iPad, iPod

Two and three elimination elimination play perfect combination of skill !
Wealth of skills and brisk pace of the game , you let them go !

Magic Duck Unlimited skills to reduce the threshold , it is easy to fill up all the skills , greatly increasing the game's refreshment !
Magic Duck is an innovative casual puzzle games, games for the first time two and three elimination elimination play the perfect combination of skills . Beautiful graphics and upbeat music to your visual and auditory double pleasure on !

Magic Duck has a bomb , color , drop , double and additional grading five kinds of skills. Different level of skill , power is not the same oh .
You and your little friends will be shocked oh !

How to play:
- Two or more of the same color to eliminate Duck , One Finger oh ~
- No time limit , enjoy thinking of it , but each level has a target of clearance conditions and tasks to achieve in order to cross the border.
- Upgrading skills, rational use of magic props can help you successfully pass , giving you the chance to board the world's master list.

- While eliminating more of the same color Yaya scores get higher .
[ Score formula: score = number of the same color Yaya Yaya same color x number x 5]
- Try to eliminate all of the Duck , which will get extra bonus points .
[ Reward equation: Reward = 2000 - rest Yaya Yaya remaining number x number x 20]
[ Remove all Yaya , you'll get an extra 2000 points reward ]

- Automatically save game progress , you can always press the Home key to exit and receive calls , day and night, waiting for the bus to eat, want to play and then play

* First two elimination games are played the perfect combination of skill and three elimination play
* Rich gameplay skills and props
* Super cool game feel
* Heritage Classic , breakthrough innovation
* Perfect support iPhone5, iphone5s,iphone6,iphone6 plus and iOS6, iOS7, gorgeous full-screen visual feast not miss .
* Support for Game Center Global Game Ranking



My new fun go to game. Easy to play, no timers! Addicting! Only thing is it is a big battery drain.

Great but
Brittanie Sidebottom

Great but it kicks me out of the app randomly, especially after level 3.

Great, but I had to delete it.

I couldn't stop playing it, so I deleted it before it consumed the rest off soul. If you have more self-control than me (or you just don't care), this game is awesome.


This game is very appealing but it does not keep my interest. Sorry. #YEET

Finally a game that doesn't break the bank!

I love this game. It's relaxing and fun. Best part is there is nothing to buy!

Was a happy user until tonight
Robin's Apps

I have loved this app until tonight. I have been playing this game for months and when I opened it tonight everything I had accomplished was gone and back to square one....super mad!!!! Tried to contact support with no luck! Would love to have my my levels back. Probably will delete iPad now....refuse to start completely over. Would be nice to be contacted by customer support or just be able to contact them

It is Great!

Addictive game, but I love it. Come on and join the fun.