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Magic Ball: Fortune Teller 3D

Absolutely no Ads, only you and your fortune in your hand!
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Entertainment Free Ilya Metelyov iPhone, iPad, iPod

Legendary Magic Ball is now 3D and fits in your pocket!

You can make your magic advice even more personal and meaningful - just pick the Ball's visual appearance that fits your current mood!

There are more than ten magic ball variants to choose from:

- Classic Magic 8 ball - legendary fortune-telling sphere
- Simple Star painted magic ball
- Warm and soft Knitted ball, like your granny hand-crafted it
- Christmas ball - Xmas and New Years spirits are inside
- Nomad - Middle asia and eastern wisdom included
- Sparkle ball - it is shiny it is sparkling so much!
- Indian ball - ivory made ball with golden elephant mark
- Valentine's - for every lover soul
- Furry ball - fluffy and soft but heats your phone to the limit
- Acid ball - so colorful, never stays still and excites you with color explosion
- Black&White stylish disco-ball; like 70-s never gone

Magic ball is a perfect party game, strong fortune-teller, better than tarot or rune divination. Like a crystall ball it will show you the future with it's simple set of answers!

If you are not sure but soulless coin cannot help you, try to ask Mystic Ball for advice!

This Magic Ball became a real movie and mass culture hero. Mystic Oracle spirit lives in the Ball. He can answer your question and delicately helps to find yourself and your desires.

Don't forget that the Ball has it's own mood. Don't bother it with similar questions or math problems. It works in a much subtler way. Your own emotions at the moment when answer appears can tell more than you expected. The Magic Ball plays with you, it foresees, it can help you understand yourself!

Put it in your hand, make a serious face and mood, feel magic melody... Ask the Ball, touch or shake it. The truth will appear in a moment!

You can say it is just a joke, meaningfull randomness. But your question and your reaction will tell you much more. Maybe even the deepest truth!


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