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Fight, race and crime!
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Welcome to the City of Madness! A huge open world full of extreme missions and fast racers on the vice streets. Angry beasts dare challenge you. Take part in this action game. Take your car and rush across the road. Fight with your rivals in the mortal battle.

Apply special tactics to survive
Complete quests in underworld city
Crush enemy cars
Destroy hostile army
Enhance your reputation in mafia gang
Fight for global domination


this game is trash,dont download

worst game,would rather play rock,paper and scissors rather than a game like this with poor animation and details

Decent Game

This game isn't great but it is not terrible. The controls for shooting could be better.

Best app ever for art

It's ok

Pretty dang awesome

Great game love it

It's kind of hard to control
Nicknames are good

The controls for this game are a little weird I will admit. Also for some reason it won't let me shoot the gun.


This game is really fun! You should get it!

Needs update love the game!!

I really enjoyed the game the only problem is the aiming and the ai and lack of ai also needs more missions

Eon Flintster

This game is the worst game you will ever play

Don't know

I don't know if this is going to be a great app because I'm downloading it right now so hopefully it's a great app.

super awesome game, one problem

This game is great despite very misleading and awful game screenshots when you look at it. Every aspect is great except for the gun aiming which is a bit difficult. In the heat of battle when you have a citizen you just hit with a car, you need to shot him fast but when you can't aim and he's just taking shots at you it's a bit frustrating.