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Lucky Pets is a game of dogs raising. Here you can upgrade and synthesize different kinds of dogs, and receive gold coins as reward.The rich variety of dogs will make you feel excited. What else are you waiting for? Download Lucky Pets and start the game trip with lovely dogs!
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No more dogs and a lot of videos
The microsoft word

I have been playing this game for like a month now it has been fun connecting the pets to get new pet and all the stuff that comes with. But I guess I have been playing lucky pets to long because can’t connect the last pet which is pet 65. I don’t when this game will add new games or if they add new games soon , but I really hope so , so I can get coins and get my 10$ Amazon gift card that I have been waiting for.

Great game, but...

It’s a great game! I like the fact that you can get new dogs but the level cap is sooooo easy to reach. There is no way get the money in the app because there’s no way to get past $5 if you play for 3 months straight. You can’t cash out till $10 but they make it impossible to reach because of the level cap on the game. Slowly they have been adding more to the game and making some changes which is great! Definitely need to make other ways to reach the $10 or make more levels and rewards for the newer levels they created.

Lucky pets leveling up

Why can’t you up grade after level 65 I only gave it a 3 and half what’s up ?

Fake reviews

All the reviews are fake. If you read them most of them are almost exactly the same and they use the same words, descriptions, etc. obviously written by developers and their friends/family

Merging pets

I have collected (unless the get “Stolen) 4 pets number 65’s, but can’t merge them to go any higher. There has to be a away....This can’t be it....Right?!?????? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks. Also I thought I’d collect money faster and be able to cash out sooner. Well I’ve been playing when I can for a while now and am only at $5.13 you can’t cash out till you reach $10 at this pace it will take me forever.....especially when other players are stealing my pets.


Ok so I been like what two or one week and I got 7 dollars with some cents I’m at max dog limit and the game is pretty fun sure takes time but I’m on my path to reach 10 dollars so try it out

Haven’t been receiving coins

I was enjoying this game then I stopped receiving coins. Not going to waste my time anymore and deleting app.

It’s ok

Ok just don’t put your information in and you will be good and this game is fun to play

Scam app

Makes you think you’re going to win money, then asks you to enter a username to cash out. But when you enter a username the confirm button doesn’t work. There is no way to make a username and therefore no way to cash out.

This game is a scam!!

i put HOURS AND HOURS into this game and when i cashed out the $10 i never got it!! they told me to wait 3-5 business days and it has been almost 10 days and i still haven’t gotten it!! don’t bother wasting your time on this app! you won’t get anything from it besides wasted time. i gave them 1 star only because i couldn’t give them 0 stars.

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