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Lucky Pets is a game of dogs raising. Here you can upgrade and synthesize different kinds of dogs, and receive gold coins as reward.The rich variety of dogs will make you feel excited. What else are you waiting for? Download Lucky Pets and start the game trip with lovely dogs!
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Games Free Guizhou Taohejin E-commerce Co., Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod


More dogs

Can you add more dogs? I’m at level 65 with the dogs and I’d like there to be more so I can get coins to redeem a gift card. Kinda disappointed the last time there was an update it said more dogs would be added but there’s still only 65

Cute app but...
The Real Cie

I really don’t like the new update that allows others to steal my dogs. If I wanted to play that kind of game, I would have downloaded Coin Master or something like that. I am already frustrated with the number of points you have to get to purchase a new dog. I just wanted to play a nice game in a peaceful little imaginary world. I don’t want to steal other people’s dogs or have them steal mine.

Don’t get it

When you download it, it doesn’t let you in.

Used to work...

Very very slow progress. I believe some new upgrade went through recently where you can steal dogs from other players so that you can level up quicker, which was awesome this morning when I logged in but, now I’ve lost more dogs then I’ve gained and the ads are glitching out and I’m not getting my coins that I’ve earned for leveling up but still have the leveled up pet...?


Level 65 won’t let me merge dogs to go to the next level

My friend recommended mine
Killion Klossek

This game is really great, very fun, free time to play for a while, pass time, it is worth recommending to friends around! Play rich, instant let you experience infinite fun, very exciting.I have cashed out 10 USD successfully.

Little animals are cute
Dijonna Moncarr

My friend said it was fun. I didn't believe it at first. Later, I didn't want to touch other games after downloading and trial.

The picture is very delicate
Khelsey Littlewood

This game can get gold coins for free every day. What my friend recommended to me completely meets our young people's requirements and quality for the game.I have cashed out 10 USD successfully.

My favorite leisure game
Curlie Fairbard

Finally found a fun game, I said no matter how good or useless, we can download and play by ourselves.I have cashed out 10 USD successfully.

Play this game every day

So that every day after work and leisure workers can enjoy the fun of the game, thank you very much! Recommended by friends, I think it's very fun. Please download it.I have cashed out 10 USD successfully.

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