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Love You To Bits is paid iOS app published by Alike Studio S.L.

The 22nd level


The 22nd level is impossible the lines never match up I even changed the sides!!!

Where the sound track?

azzy :3

10/10 amazing game i loved every second of it. The small memories cutscenes were so cute and the story was amazing and the ending made my heart sink oof loved it all! Just wheres the sound track? ;-; i love the music its so amazing i cant find the sound track tho



Oh well, chapter 3 and I’m beyond bored.

Fantastic game play!


I have always been a fan of these types of puzzle games. This one combines a cute story with brain teasers. In a way, I kinda wish the little hands wouldn’t show up as you cross over interactive items, but I thoroughly enjoyed it regardless. I think having a blind field would add more depth because as it currently is, you automatically know when something is required to complete the puzzle. I think it would be a bit more of a challenge if you were forced to locate the clues on your own. Regardless, this is a very enjoyable story and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys these types of games. Great job Alike Studios!

beautiful game!!! fix game data glitch


i played this game before and don’t think it was finished at the time. i redownloaded it now but i had to start over, which was ok. HOWEVER now that i’m halfway through i saved my data to not lose it again and turns out the first 10 levels are now showing as incomplete... and all the mementos i’ve found are also gone! what is going on!? please fix it other than that, it’s a beautiful game and i recommend playing it with the sound on

Cute game but has some issues


This is a great game! It took my a little while to beat. The levels are all different and creative. The only issue I had was that whenever you are in the middle of a level and want to exit out and continue later, you can’t... whenever i quit out of a level it restarted the whole level and I lost my progress..

Don’t waste your money


This game is annoying and frustrating. I just completed it. There are challenges , only one or two puzzles, and all you have to do is find which items to click. Everything is about what to “click”. I’m not so sure how or why this game has so many stars and why we have to pay for it. Games like Limbo put this app to shame. Don’t waste your energy, money and frustration on this app.

One of the best mobile games


I am 8 and I loved this game. Some parts were hard but you can get through them pretty easily. The idea of the game is pretty cool. My dad said it was okay for me to write this review. We played parts of it together.

Better than Tiny Thief


I love adventure games, and this game has by far, surpassed my expectations. Omg! It was hard, but fun and I loved every second of it. More levels please!!!

Loved it


Love this game but I want tiny thief back too. We spent money on it. Give our money back or put it back up!!!!