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Love You To Bits is paid iOS app published by Alike Studio S.L.

Love this game.

kae :-)

Only thing that bugs me (only a little) is that you can’t save your progress. You’re forced to finish it or abandon it. Other than that, it’s the best game I’ve come across all my years of downloading games on my phone. Lovely :-)

I love this to bits!!!

Jimmy Diblanket

Brimming with an imagination and a great sense of fun. A game you want to finish! Great, varied locations and music. Humorous throughout. The levels get increasingly complex and the real challenge is finding all the memories. My one criticism of this amazing game is that the very end, when the hero and his robot girlfriend are finally reunited, is a bit lackluster. But that’s a minor detail. If you like the puzzle genre, this is a must buy!


Unicorn Unikitty

I love this game! It’s just amazing! May you please make another one? Except with different characters and different levels! And the story is a little different. That would be awesome!

Broke my heart

Protection/Health Bar

This is a wonderfully unique and beautiful game. It really goes where no other tablet game has gone, a sci-fi fairy tale of love, loss, and nostalgia. I have never been so invested in a game, so you can imagine when the "memories" I had played levels multiple times to acquire began to disappear the story felt incomplete. When I went in later, only five planets from the end, and was greeted with the opening sequence you can imagine my dismay. Can't sync from the cloud, no save files to load. I may start the game from the beginning in a year or so but right now it just hurts too much.

This game is amazing


This game is one of the best games on the App Store. It has amazing gameplay a sad story and tons of different levels. I would recommend this game to anybody😘

I love the game but MAD about level 22

[email protected]😈😈😈😈

On level 22 my lines won’t match up so I can’t complete the level and I made it very far to level 22 but now I can’t play any Other level so I tried to complete it aging in my room but the lines still did not match up I used alot of apple money for this It’s starting to feel like a waste but it still is good cince tiny thief

Love this game!


I have played a lot of games but this is definitely in my top 10. Each level is a completely different scene and is easy enough to keep it fun but not so easy as to get tedious. Please make new chapters!

Missing Piece


I really really enjoyed the game but I never got to the end. Apparently I am missing a piece but I don’t know what it is.. it says I’ve found 59/60 pieces and the very last square in the memories is blackened out.

Adorable and non-frustratingly fun!!


This game is too cute for words. It’s very intuitive so the puzzles aren’t frustrating. I have had a somewhat short attention span recently and this is still the best money I’ve spent on a game in a while. If you’re debating whether or not to spend money on this, do it. You won’t be disappointed!

Adore this game, but please help!

Sir Beagleybeagley

I devoted my life for a week solving it, completely enamored with the story! Beautiful game, even more beautiful tale. Please, can you make a album of the main theme and level songs? I loved the music from this! P.S. I want a turtleon...