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5/5 rating based on 189 reviews. Read all reviews for Love You To Bits for iPhone.
Love You To Bits is paid iOS app published by Alike Studio S.L.



I beat the game after all it's confusing, fun, beautiful, and sad levels! IM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME, I want this company to make more games!!!!

Great game... where’s tiny thief.

[email protected]??

Hey developers just wanted to say this is a masterpiece. Also wanted to know if you guys will ever fix tiny thief so it will be compatible again. Well can’t wait for what’s next.



This is one of those must have games for everyone's library! So creative, so fun, so perfect!

Ending ? :(


I loveeeee this game. I wish the ending was a little more planned out.. after waiting so long for the update I figured we would have a ton more stuff to do. Oh well .. hope to see a sequel!! ❤️

I prefer tiny theif


This game is to depressing

Plz make another one


This was an amazing game I wish more were like this one

Excelente juego

Eduardo salas

Gráficas, historia, puzzles, todo es espectacular. Lo jugué con mi hija de 9 años y fueron momentos de compartir de maravilla

Best iOS game I have played


This game is full of personality and wit. The incredible artwork, imagination and humor astounded me from the first level to the fantastic conclusion. Love You To Bits is not a difficult game, but it is very fulfilling. I hope to see more of the love the devs put into this game in the future.

Don’t mind my name

The game is sooo lame

I played this game a long time ago and I LOVED IT it’s a very interesting game I would recommend it to almost anyone it’s a very sweet story about you and nova and you pick up novas pieces all over the “universe” again don’t mind my name I was upset when I wrote the name but this game is very very nice and funny graphics and choices are awesome the only people I wouldn’t recommend it too is people who are like “ugh girly and sweet this game sounds terrible” (I’m a guy) I’m not like that so anyone who is like that shouldn’t play this but you you really want to try this make sure you have at least 20 mins or it can be a game where when your bored and don’t know what to play play this! Again GREAT game!



I didn’t know a mobile would give me so many feels. I really enjoyed this game and was surprised at how much I loved it.