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5/5 rating based on 279 reviews. Read all reviews for Love You To Bits for iPhone.
Love You To Bits is paid iOS app published by Alike Studio S.L.

Best Game I’ve Ever Played


I enjoyed this game so much I can’t bring myself to delete the app, and it’s been a very long time since I finished it The music is amazing, so full of feelings and emotions I was sad when it ended because I thought there were more parts to look for But this is honestly my favorite game ever❤️

Fun game, but it has a bug


I got this game today, I played 10 level hide and seek. But I couldn’t go down when I was on window after climbing small tree. It’s kind of a bug and I cannot go next level. I have iphonexs max.

Glitch on level 10 (iPhone Xs)


I can’t climb down the vine on level 10 on my iPhone Xs so I can’t continue the game

Cutest game ever


If you are into romantic and puzzles this game is great for you... Gameplay 9/10 ( moving around is kind of tidious ) Story 10/10 Graphics 10/10

Level 10 update iPhone XS


There is a big at level ten when at the top of the window. The screen res will not allow you to go down. Please update, no need to buy if you can’t finish game. Love your games please update!

Wonderful but needs a few fixes


Level with the 3 children cannot climb down the vine. For People with the issue keep tapping below the screen it will eventually catch and will climb Down . I got passed it. 1 star review only to get the developers attention for others with the issue.

Cute game!


This game reminded me a lot of monument valley, the story line is super cute and the levels are fun (but not very challenging) but overall it’s been a wonderful experience and I wish there were more levels,

Bring back tiny thief!


Love love you to bits, but I want tiny thief back! I played that game before this one, I know it glitched out or something, but I loved that game so much and wanted the next season in it so bad! If possible I’d love that so much !!!

Not compatible with XS


I second a bug I see described in a couple other reviews which prevents playing past the level Hide and Peek! At a critical moment in the level the screen view zooms to impede pressing the necessary button to finish making the game unplayable. Emails get bounced back from “app support” unfortunately. Not worth the money if you can’t even play a 1/4(?) of the game. Game is GREAT tho if you can play it which makes it all the more frustrating that I can’t.

Best game since “ Tiny theif “


Hats off to the makers of this game and the Tiny their game. What really impressed me is the creativity in Every level in the game. Each level has its own unique theme. And hilarious wide range of characters. There's a disco dancing robot. And the cutest one eyed purple goat that you have to ride to complete the level! I love searching for the memories (hidden objects) in addition to the goal object that I have to find. Here are some cons and helpful hints: --It is best to have a large tablet, like an IPad to fully appreciate game --Unable to save before completing a level. That means If you go to a different game or website on your device while playing a level, you will lose your progress, and have to start that level over again. However if you don't change the screen and stop playing on your device (i.e.: go to the bathroom) and when you come back to it, you can turn the screen back on and pick up where you left off.