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5/5 rating based on 279 reviews. Read all reviews for Love You To Bits for iPhone.
Love You To Bits is paid iOS app published by Alike Studio S.L.

One of the best


Loved this game so much played it for a week straight and it was so much fun. Also I played it when it first came out so it could be even better now. This is one of the funniest mobile games I have ever played.

Shallow gameplay, very thin story


Graphics are fairly well done but the lack of interesting and intelligent puzzles and the additional laziness of the simplistic storytelling takes away all the charm



Into this game but button to climb down vine from the ledge in level 10 is off of my screen on iPhone XS! Please help 🆘

Stuck on level


I enjoy playing this game from time to time but the level where you have to round up the 3 kids back to their mom, on the iPhone XS you can’t get down the vines, the arrow is too low to tap on it so basically I am stuck........

Needs fixing.


It’s a good game but I have a problem with level 10 on my iPhone XR. After you climb the tree you can’t come down as the command button is only partially visible and doesn’t work. That being said, I’m stuck and can’t keep playing the game.

A HUGE problem


I love this game but on level 10, if i climb up the vines outside, I can’t seem to get back down, the button pops up below my vision so all I see is a little bit of blue and I can’t push it, but the problem is, I can’t beat the level of I can’t climb down the vines which means I can’t go further in this amazing game

Got stuck


Xsmax on the hide and seek level. Cannot tap to go down the vine. So. I was having fun up until then and now I’m stuck on that stage cause the screen moves up but the icon is beneath the screen. Boo :(

Game breaking glitch


I love this game but when I go up the vines on level 10 I’m unable to get back down because the interact option is below the frame. I wish I could continue to play but unfortunately it stops me in my tracks completely. I’m playing on an iPhone XS

Great game


I love this game, but I have an iPhone xs and find it hard when going up and down, especially in the level with the mother and her 3 children. The game is beautiful besides that.

Level 10 glitch


Stuck on level 10 due to a glitch. Please fix!!!!