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5/5 rating based on 279 reviews. Read all reviews for Love You To Bits for iPhone.
Love You To Bits is paid iOS app published by Alike Studio S.L.

Sequel pls


I just finished the game and, lemme tell you, it was the best game I have played in a long time!I had so much fund with it and I still have a few memories to grab which means I’m not over yet. Though, the ending was bittersweet The bitter was that the best game is over! And how how nova did react to kosmo hugging her which led me to theorize, although that could just be me, cuz I don’t want this to end! The sweet was how Kosmo finally after all that hustle,was able to embrace his love again and (I hope) live a happily ever after with his true love. Now, to explain the title.This is a demand, but, please make some type of sequel or prequel or anything just involving the same characters,(somewhat of) the same plot that would truly make my day, month or even year, it’ll keep me very happy for lot more than just a hot second if there was more. Great game Nintendo, Thanks. 👌🏻 No but seriously great job make more games I’m sure they will be great It’s not the end just wanted to say real quick best game since tiny thief cya And remember to always where your seat belts...

Amazing on so many levels!


This game is art. From the story to the characters to the level design! It’s so fun and stress free to play! Please keep making games you guys! I can’t wait to see what’s next! ❤️🤖

Best game


Best game Ive ever played. So much detail in the game. So much fun!! Every level is different and sure unique. My favorite is the hotel and the arcade!

Sad :(


I Really love this game but it’s bothering me so much that when I quit the game my progress in level is not saving and I have to start all over again :/

Omg please read and contact creators of tiny thief!!!

patrick S. B

First of, I would like to say that this is my 2nd favorite mobile game ever made!(next to Tiny Thief) it is complex and takes time but is yet so entertaining at the same time. You feel so close to the characters and the story of the game. Please if the creators are reading this continue to add levels. And please don’t take it of the App Store ever Ps. Please contact the creators of tiny thief if you happen to be able to contact them and tell them to put it back on App Store for the sake of my sanity.

Why doesn't this game save your place when you exit?


The game is solid, but I'm giving it one star so that the developers can read this review. It is a huge pain in the butt to have to restart the level over just because you closed the app for 30 minutes. No excuses for this.

Thank you

spirited foxie

This game is just great. Although I’ve finished it many times times I can’t bring myself to delete it, hoping someday you would add more levels... and I will keep waiting. Thank you developers you did an amazing job❤️

Amazing game! Could do more!


This game was so cute and adorable. I love this puzzle game. It could do so much more like bringing this game to switch so others could stream it. But nonetheless, AMAZING game. Wish you do dlcs for this game. It could be like finding parts for their dog. If they do get one; and they both can find part together. You could profit off this


CP Lover12

The home music makes me sob. It’s so sad. I love this game a lot!