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5/5 rating based on 279 reviews. Read all reviews for Love You To Bits for iPhone.
Love You To Bits is paid iOS app published by Alike Studio S.L.

Good game


This is a very good game but I am stuck on the scary level



I loved every part of this game! It was so fun and challenging at the same time!😁


Floof Boi

I am so sad it’s over! This game was so beautiful,I can’t stop watching the ending!

One of my favorite apps ever!


Love You To Bits is fantastic! I love that you truly get to explore fun, unique places in this game. I think it’s nice having a game where you can explore and figure things out without having to re-start or worry about time constraints, villains chasing you, etc. It’s so low-key while still providing a challenge, which is so much more fun and much less stressful. I wish there were more games like this!



It’s worth the money, there are so many levels and it’s such a nice story. I cried at the end! 😭😭 The musics is perfect for the story and it’s very calming.

❤️❤️so good


Love you to bits is so good! I am addicted to the game. The plot is really sad and some of the levels are easy and TOO HARD for me! I am 8 and 3/4 and it is still too hard for me! Maybe you should make hints or hint movies in the game like Mario but the game is still awesome!


Gunther Becker

One of the finest games on iOS. Ignore the whiny reviewers who gave this a low rating. For how cheap this game is there is an amazing amount of content - none of which is filler. This game and it’s developer deserve your time and money. To the development team - you’ve done an outstanding job in creating this absolute gem. 😁👍

Plz make a sequel!!! :D fun game

Gachaverse Amulet


Very Intelligent and Creative

Jenna M. H.

This game is is full of beautiful features and small touches that make it what it is, a masterpiece. It tells a sweet story of a star-cross relationship. At the beginning, you see where Nova is blown apart by a attack and you play as Kosmo and have to find each part of her in different crazy, cute, and creative worlds and put her back together! You even have bonus items to find that brings back memories that u can watch. The music is beautiful and every world is different. You have to use ur mind in every level because no level is made the same. This game will rip your heart out and put to back together from it’s beautiful art and touching story lines. This game is a must get if you love puzzles or just want to pass time and enjoy every minute of it!

great puzzle click n play game


i would give this 5 stars except—you can’t save your progress within a level, leave the game and you have to start over. otherwise, i really enjoy this game