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5/5 rating based on 293 reviews. Read all reviews for Love You To Bits for iPhone.
Love You To Bits is paid iOS app published by Alike Studio S.L.

So cute ??


It is adorable and sweet . A human looking for the pieces of his lover who I a robot. The cutest game and great theme. ???

Cool game but ...

Mrs fukballzski

No more levels???? Done but the game isnt done. Where more levels to finish finding robot

Great follow up to Tiny Thief


Terrific game! Only thing keeping me from giving it five stars is that when you complete the available levels you haven't really completed the game. Although I do appreciate that they say the additional levels will be coming for free. All in all well worth the price.

I want new levels


I absolutely love this game because it is puzzling to were I do not make myself angry.Also,I love the storyline and want it to continue.

Love this game


This game is awesome. The puzzles are clever enough to be a challenge but not so hard you can't figure out. I can't wait till they add more adventures. The love story is also very sweet.

It is a fun game


This game is fun, but it hasn't finished its chapters yet…waiting for it! Hope more game like this

Wishing for part 2


Great game, impatient for final levels!

Best puzzle game ever!


Absolutely adore this game. The puzzles are tricky (even for a 43 year old). The graphics are adorable and completely unique. I will be sad when the last level is complete.

Awesome game.

Ta-er al-Sahfer

Love this game.

Great, but unfinished.


After unable to play on iPad 4 iOS 7, I upgraded to iPad Air iOS 9. Very fun and just as clever as Tiny Thief, but disappointed the game is not finished. I would have rather waited to purchase the finished game. It shouldn't have been released until completed. Poor judgement from the developers.