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5/5 rating based on 293 reviews. Read all reviews for Love You To Bits for iPhone.
Love You To Bits is paid iOS app published by Alike Studio S.L.

A Masterpiece


Couldn't give this game enough praise. Such a pleasure to play.

Trapped in "Trapped in the Lab"


I'm really enjoying the game, but it was periodically losing my progress if I paused a level - until I got to "Trapped in the Lab," at which point it has lost it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have two kids and a job, so I don't always have uninterrupted time to finish. Am I missing something?

Can't Recommend this game Enough!


Cute and offbeat, this game offers tons of gameplay and it's relaxed, no timer gameplay is perfect for a casual player.

Never write reviews but I will for this one


One of the best games I've ever played. Need more levels!

Glitch in level 13


This game is cute. I enjoy the parallelism of levels to old games. I am unable to collect all of the memories thanks to a glitch in level 13, the Big Bang. When it gets to the circle, the controls no longer move the puzzle pieces. No matter what. Tried everything including restarting game, phone etc. I paused and returned and the level was complete. I could move on but cannot go back and replay and collect the 2 memory objects. frustrating!!

Creative and genuinely lol funny


Ditto all the positives. Truly fun, creative and surprisingly funny game. Highly recommend.

One of the best!!!


Probably my favorite game on the iPhone. Just wish it never ended. Same developers as tiny thief but better. Still a shame rovio screwed everyone one with tiny thief but looks like these guys left that company and created another great game

Gets better with each level!


At first I thought this game was too easy and straightforward, but once you get past the first levels it picks up. All around a very fun and cute game - but like others have said you lose your progress mid-level if you exit out. So if you start a level, be ready to finish it in one sitting.

Lovable and Enjoyable Game


It was the right choice to download this game! Its amazing I tell you I really don't regret it. Love the puzzles and the humor that it has. I see that it has some reference to other game characters, love that! All the quest that he goes true for the love of his life and the different characters every time theres something new that it doesn't get boring. Its a really special game! I have to say it has a few glitches here and there but thats all! I recommend it!

What? Where's the rest of the game?


The developers sold us a half a game. It's very enjoyable until you reach the last level with no possibility of having completed the game's very purpose—to rebuild the robot girlfriend. You are cheerfully told: "Free Levels Coming Soon", which sounds like maybe they're giving you extra levels for free (whoopee!). Of course it turns out that these levels HAVE to be free because they hadn't written them yet when they sold us the game! That's really uncool.