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Love You To Bits is paid iOS app published by Alike Studio S.L.

Confusing, Annoying

Nemo's Mom

Didn't like this game. The functionality is awkward and the little boxes with arrows and hands are completely annoying. If you like "The Room" series don't bother with will waste your funds, as I did, because you like higher quality game play.

Would've given 5 stars, but...


Would've definitely given this game app a 5 star rating because I'm totally addicted and love playing it. The graphics are great and each level builds up appropriately. However, whenever I leave the game for a certain amount of time and come back to play, all the bonus collectibles I get completely disappear. I gave it a break after the first time and went back through each level to get them again and said "if it happens again, I will definitely be leaving a review about it" as it takes quite a bit of time to go through and replay each level again just to get these bonus items. Sure enough, it happened again. I can't believe a game that costs $4.00 would have such an inexcusable issue. Now when I reach the games ending, I will AGAIN have to go back a replay each one to get these bonus items, as my OCD won't let me finish a game without completing 100%. Very disappointed that such an expensive game wouldn't have this glitch fixed immediately. Seems to me like you guys took the money and ran. Not a very good way to gain fans. PLEASE fix this!!

Paid for an incomplete game.


It's a good game with great graphics and soundtrack. It's been months and I would like to finish it. Please hurry the hell up. What is taking so long??



Best game I ever played! Finished it all in one day! Waiting for the next update for the rest of the episodes

Waiting on update like ?


How much longer?? Feel like forever. Love this game it's so cute need more levels ASAP

The Best iOS game yet!!!


Just bought the game but haven't played it yet and I can already tell it's going to be a hit! Having been in production for so long and now it's finished, I can't wait to play it!!! 5 stars no questions asked!! UPDATE: Yes to the new level and iCloud sync!! Thank you!!

yes yes yes


i love this update and thx for support

Where's my progress?


The update completely erased all the progress I had. I don't want to have to replay everything every time this app is updated. I paid $5 for this app, it's not complete, and now all the progress I had is gone. Waste of my time and my money.

Surpassed my high expectations

'lil ze

I play the previous game they worked on (Tiny Thief) and it was one of my favorite little puzzle games. I thought that this would be more of the same but it's even more clever and has some great nods to other games

Cool game but need to fix achievements


Um hey, you guys said on your next update you would fix the achievement issues...well I beat the whole game and it still won't give me the beat 12 levels and up achievements. update: still no word on when the achievements in gamecenter will be fixed...can you please fix already? It's only 3 achievements that don't work and we've spoken months ago about this Update: cool new levels and iCloud sync along with sound effect enhancements make for an even better experience...still one issue though - the 3 achievements still don't work despite your update saying you fixed gamecenter/achievements...the new leaderboard that was added doesn't even work properly. It says I've only completed 32 levels when I've beat all levels in the game thus far which would give me great game, terrible job with gamecenter/achievements/ guys seriously need to figure out what the issue is