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5/5 rating based on 293 reviews. Read all reviews for Love You To Bits for iPhone.
Love You To Bits is paid iOS app published by Alike Studio S.L.

Really cute


I really enjoyed this unique game. A few hard puzzles made me check a walkthrough. Overall, an enjoyable challenge. Please make more like this! You've got a fan, Alike.

One of the best games on iOS


Amazing puzzles and art make this a must have app.



Graphic. Desine sound so cute. And im happy tu purchase this game.

A true Masterpiece.

Doge chez

Long ago, there was a mobile game called Tiny Thief. It was an amazing game with a touching storyline and unique characters. Love you to bits is that game, but injected with so much love, care and effort that it makes it an amazing game. I have completed all the levels, but not all of the memories were unlocked. Every single level that I played was enjoyable and unique. One of my favorites has to be Yb seog emit sa, but I enjoyed every level. This game was definitely worth 3.99.

Just Amazing


Beautiful. Adorable. Funny. Just get this game.

Overwhelmed with cuteness


This pleasantly whimsical game awakens your mind with its charm and finesse interfused with its colorfully stellar, animated graphics. The gameplay effortlessly coincides with its intergalactically melodramatic love storyline. You feel a sense of pride and anticipation as you're closer to finding each part of his robot girlfriend to reunite them once more. Each level which is hosted on a different planet has this exquisitely kaleidoscopic way of making you strategically think and the adorably intricate animation is aesthetically and nostalgically pleasing on the eyes especially if you were an avid fanatic of Tiny Thief. I'm trying to save more levels for later but it has grown much too addicting. I'm starting to enjoy it more than Monument Valley. Please add more levels!

Incomplete game


Paying this price for a incomplete game isn't the right choice, if I knew this game was incomplete when I first purchased I would have chosen differently.

Love it!


This is definitely one of the best games ever. It kept my interest. And it was undeniably adorable to see the love between the characters. At times, it was a bit challenging, but not too difficult. The graphics were great with cute scenes. Wish they would update it already. I'm ready to continue the journey!!

Love it!


Love the game so much, I just wish it was fully finished. I was looking forward to reaching the ending. Release the update soon!

So much fun!!


I never normally write reviews but this game was such a blast to play. Granted it's short, I beat it in a couple of hours but for me it was worth the price. Great graphics, great puzzles, fun game!