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Lost Manuscript Pro : hidden object mystery game

When we talk about history, by definition our past is very important because only with knowledge about the past we could understand the present and have an impression about what is waiting for us in the future. However, sometimes getting the needed and right information about the past could be quite difficult because it was many years ago and in many cases the historians give different explanations about one single thing, relating the happenings with certain ideology, making us wonder what the actual truth about something that has happened is. That's why nations fight about their history, always trying to find the truth and divide the events that belong to their history, not someone else's.
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Ellen is also in a search for the origin of her nation. There is some important link missing in the history of her people so she can't determine their origins for sure. She talk with everyone on this subject, trying to get enough traces that could explain her the truth but it seems that the most important information she got from her father who told her that there was some lost manuscript. According to his words, their people look for this manuscript for years, trying to find out the real truth.

Ellen is determinate to find the lost manuscript so she starts the great quest. She gets to the secret town of her ancestors that is hidden deep into the woods and located in huge caves. Ellen hopes that she will find here the most manuscript and get answer to all her dilemmas.


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