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Lost Kingdom National Treasure Slots – The Last Raiders of US Gold 2

Who doesn't want to go treasure hunting? There is no one who could refuse such a thrilling experience, promising great rewards and excitement.
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“Lost Kingdom Treasure Slots” is a fun and engaging slots game with a strong treasure hunter vibe. You can choose to play it by yourself or go multiplayer and compete with other people around the world.

You will be amazed by how many civilizations have left their treasures hidden, yet ready to be found by a player like you. Spin the slots, call upon your luck and get playing!

How to play

“Lost Kingdom Treasure Slots” is a new kind of slots game: sophisticated and much more engaging. It has a leveling system, coin system and multiplayer option if you feel like battling with others.

The gameplay is simple: you tap spin and see if you get lucky. You choose the bets you're placing and the time when you wish to get paid out. The game also has a maximum 30 lines which means a great chance of winning. There are also a few mini games such as the famous Wheel of Fortune.

In order to access some of the games, you have to reach a certain level. Levels are accumulated by playing, earning rewards and of course winning. There is also a coin system – you win coins by successfully finishing games and getting paid out.

Tired of playing alone? The game has a multiplayer option. You can now compete with others in a timed 1-on-1 match. The player who gets the most winnings for a fixed amount of time will win and get the prize.

The game is completely free to play – if you wish, however, you can buy coins for a small fee.


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