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Logos for Adobe InDesign® - Editable Royalty-Free Templates

Are you starting a business or maybe you just need a cool Logo? InDesign Logos is a collection of template logos to get you the ideal brand symbol for your company or organization.
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Productivity Free Samuel Stallin Kapembe iPhone, iPad, iPod

These logos can be edited using InDesign CS5+.


E-mail Logos
• E-mail logo to an e-mail on iOS 3+

Transfer to Mac or PC
• Transfer your Logos to PC or Mac using iTunes

* iTunes requires iTunes 10+ and an iDevice running iOS 4+


Diesel Don

There's nothing to it I can do that


What are you guys trying to do? This is outrageous. I can't even explain myself.

Dont waste your time

You have to buy the templates and they're 10 dollars each!! Outrageous!

No comment


Doesn't work!

I bought now what? This is not user friendly at all! I personally think its a waste of time.

Huge huge SCAM! Do NOT BUY!!!

It is a huge scam!!!! If you plan on getting this APP know you can not do anything with it!! It gives you templates that say its an "Editable Logo" which is a complete LIE! I purchased the "logo" and it went to "downloads" and when you click on it, it asks if you want to email or send to iTunes?!?! I thought that was weird since I was under the impression that you can create your very own logo with this app. LIES!!!! I emailed it to myself and downloaded it. It comes up as an .INDD file which will ONLY WORK if you have ADOBE Indesign!!!!! It's a huge trick!!! I wish there was a disclaimer that came with this! I think this should be reported to ITUNES for false advertisement!!!!

Logos are unprofessional

This app is merely a shopping app for logo designs that are very unprofessional and poorly designed. Maybe they would meet the standards for some people or companies, but as a logo designer, I would never deliver any of these logos as to a client. Also, why would you want to edit a logo in InDesign?

Do not buy

Do not buy this app, it took my money and I do not have a logo.

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