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The localsolution app is a search application for all businesses and people in the United States. We specialize in providing great local data when you need it most.
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Some of the many features include:
· Search Nearby: Search for a service or business near you as the app utilizes your mobile device’s built-in GPS.
· Discover: Find out more about a business with video, photos, coupons, maps, company website and so much more.
· People Search: Connect with others by searching our comprehensive residential listings.
· Map & Directions: Easy to view mapping with the option to Get Directions for a map of the quickest route.
· Save & Share Options: Add business information to your Contacts where you can share it with others.


Nice concept but needs substantial wok

Ok, where to start. Asks to use current location and leaves you in Missississippi where it starts. Had to scroll over to my location. Outdated database for restaurants. Clicked on gas stations and its searching for 'gas' which is natural gas, etc. It gives results for home heating products. Takes awhile to bring up results. Couldn't even be bothered trying all the rest of the features with software as bad as this right off. Why is software released with bugs as blatent as these?

Nice App!

Voice needs a little work, but everything else is great!

localsolution app

Found it to be easy to use & brought up my results pretty quickly. I searched restaurants in my area & the info was very accurate. The mapping was also spot on. I'll use this app for sure.

Finally a different search option available!
Bluegrass Direct

Good stuff for the first version. Can't wait until all the bugs are fixed. The eye is Awesome!!!!Patients...its worth the wait.

What gives?

I looked up a number of people I knew, including myself, and got "No Results" for every inquiry. What am I missing?

Great local data

I find this app very helpful when we are out of town. It has great up-to-date, local data!!

WORTHLESS in my area (Tacoma)

Doesn't understand a word I say and can't find ANY of the businesses in my area. Tells me the nearest ATM is two miles away when there are at least a dozen within a few blocks. Same with banks, coffee shops, etc. Deleting.

Good info and easy to use

I have found this app very useful when searching for businesses in my area - even new businesses that aren't online elsewhere. It's easy to use with a clean layout too.

Like all the others

No results on first try. Will delete app

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