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Lively - Fun Team Trivia Game

“The Snapchat of dating apps.” - ABC News
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“It's time to go beyond the selfie.” - Bustle
“Something more original.” - TechCrunch
“The next big trend in online dating.” - My Domaine

Finally, a dating app that lets daters see each other in a whole new way…

Replace Profiles with Moving Stories
Go beyond static images and text and get to know other daters through short video ‘stories’ that give a better glimpse of who they are.

Show Not Tell
Instead of reading that someone likes basketball, music, or hiking; you can actually watch the other person sink a basket, play a new song, or reach the top of a summit.

Create Real Connections
Browse stories from people in your area and let them know if you’re interested. If they like you back, you’ll become connections and can start chatting.

Get Started Easily
Use photos and videos from your phone’s camera, Instagram, or Facebook to create your story in seconds. It’s a quicker and more compelling way to show who you are.

On Lively experiences replace selfies and moving stories replace text as the main way you get to know people.

It’s a completely free, completely new way to get to know other people. Try it out!


Hasn’t worked since downloaded

This app hasn’t worked since I downloaded it. Every time I hit join team it goes back to my home screen. I’ve updated the app and recently updated iOS but still doesn’t work. Any suggestions!!


Cada vez que quiero unirme a un team me manda al homescreen no he podido jugar por ese mismo error.

No longer receiving rewards

I’ve won like 5 games recently and have yet to receive an email. I have a feeling the reward is no longer a thing. There’s not even contact info.

impossible to even try

crashes constantly and can’t even play

shakileya Robinson

App was great, I played this app before & after the cash, they were suppose to send my last payment Friday which is 6/8/2018. Jake deleted me or blocked me from his email, I mean hey if you don’t have it... don’t ask for our information. I’m gonna give them a 2 star! The game is slow anyways!


We need more money


I like it but how long does it take to give u ur money


I can’t even open the game . Everything I try to enter, it crashes and closes the app.

Thanks for letting me play with the stars

I played trivia game with the 90s stars. It’s amazing feeling.

This app should be made more famous!
Cynic -.-

Nice work. Very Entertaining and well made!

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