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"If you jump, we jump" is the motto of your little cousins.
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Guide your little cousins through the levels and keep them safe, from the obstacles, by doing one simple thing....Jump.
They will open doors for you, so you can proceed further in this beautiful, one-touch 2D platformer.

Game Features
• Simple Controls - One Touch
• Different Characters & Soundtracks
• Progressive Difficulty
• Beautifull 2D Graphics
• Challenging Obstacles
• Easy to learn, Hard to master



Come on!!!! This game is impossible to play.


Come on!!!! This game is impossible to play.

Cool but Hard
Lol bff tmi brb dude!!!!!

I like the idea but the physics are so confusing and the game is so fast paced it took me 30 trys on the first level. Its a good idea and i like the art its just not something i can play i think. Its extremely frustrating.

Fish defender

A lot of fun, but really hard because of the speed. It would be perfect if there was a way to control and slow down the game so beginners can get the hang of it. I LOVE the art and animation, though! :)

Complete trash

Can't even get past the first level from poor recognition of finger taps

It is so cute

It is a little hard to understand, yet it is still fun


Clever design but nearly impossible.

A bit too difficult
The Nightmare Prince

I think its a cute little game, but the play was bit more advanced than I thought it would have been. The character moves too quickly and it freezes momentarily because of that. I think its a pretty cool game other than that. Maybe an option to choose the difficulty would be nice?

:). -" .._ [: {:

Crashes in seconds


Nice game, dude

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