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Line Physics: Drawing Puzzle

Line Physics is the latest drawing brain puzzle game! Draw, solve and have fun with this amazing brain game.
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Draw lines to guide a ball towards the target point. The game is based on physics and all balls and dots are affected by gravity. The rule's very straight forward, just draw lines or shapes to bump the balls, you will need your wisdom and imagination to create the perfect path.

How to play:
* Draw lines and shapes to lead the ball to the goal
* Movement of the ball is based on physics
* Use hints when you have no clue
* Restart the game anytime if you are stuck

* 100+ challenging levels to play and more are coming
* Easy and free to play, play it anywhere
* Excellent physical simulation
* Each level has multiple solutions, find the best one
* Best way of training your brain & your imagination

“Really funny puzzles game! Wish there were more levels! Definitely recommend!!! You won’t regret it!!!”

“The experience of the game is wonderful, I can draw very freely, and some of those levels are very interesting.”

Download & play Line Physics now!


Best physics puzzle out there!!

Already passed all levels... fun and challenging recommend to anyone who wants to give his/her brain some exercises

Please fix pandadom level 7

The “lift” is stationary so the level is unwinnable. Therefore the game can not progress. I will happily raise stars and give a complete review when the game works. Thanks!

Fix Pandadom

Fix level 7 on Pandadom. It doesn’t work because the bamboo is stuck at top and not moving up and down.

Please fix level 66 of falling
Ad meh sjdhnfdj

It justs blows up the whole time

What the hell man!

Was playing and having a good ole time until level 106 it just keeps restarting rapidly, what the hell is up with that??? Trash!

Pandasom Level 7
The Real CoCo Butter

There’s no way to beat it. The lift doesn’t move and I even tried swinging a curved line from the top of the cage but haven’t been able to work it. What’s the deal?


Level 51 has no hamburger in it. Will rate better once fixed

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