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Limitless Alphabet is an educational iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app that helps children ages 3 and above master phonics and letter recognition skills. Data has been recorded and documented proving an increase in letter recognition and phonemic awareness skills. For more information on specific data, please visit our company website. Limitless Alphabet keeps children engaged with a rather unique endless running gameplay theme. Children will be able to run through a colorful school themed environment with a character of their choice collecting coins and the letters of the alphabet. Each letter that the children collect will be pronounced which reinforces letter pronunciation and letter recognition. Limitless Alphabet has proven to be an exciting educational game that helps your child rapidly master the English alphabet by sight, sound, and touch.
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Games Free Global Education Incorporated iPhone, iPad, iPod

Learning Subjects/Developmental Skills:

• Letter Recognition A-Z

• Letter Pronunciation A-Z

• Hand Eye Coordination

• Helps prepare students for technology enhanced educational environments

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Great for the kids
Ling Xhi

My kids were occupied the entire time at the airport. I am also grateful that learning is incorporated and the game is truly kid friendly.

5 Star Game - A Must Have

I added this app to my phone as a test for using it in my classroom, and it certainly will be used. However, I had great fun using it myself. I wanted to keep increasing my score. I love that it is simple yet educational. Children will love traveling through Global Elementary School while identifying letters and earning points. The repetition provides effective, yet fun, practice in letter recognition - the foundation of reading. In addition, it is very kid friendly. The graphics are clear and not too busy, like they are on many games, making it easy for kids to navigate. I highly recommend this game. Kids are constantly playing on their phone, so start early with it being educational. Thanks Global Education, Inc. for this game.

Awesome !!

This app is awesome!! My niece is three and she loves this game. She is recognizing letters and has only been playing the game for a month!


Cute game, the little ones love it!

Great Educational Tool

Awesome educational game! My twin daughters love this game!!

Exceptional educational gaming app!

This is an outstanding app for my two nieces. They really enjoy playing this game on my phone and what I like most is that in addition to them having fun they are learning as well. Great Game!

Nice Game

Great educational game for young children. This is awesome!

Great app for the kids!!!

Not only did I love the app my two nephews (4&6) did too! I'm glad they now can play a game on my phone and actually get something out of it! 2 thumbs up...

Limitless Alphabet

Great app!!!!!

Great App
The only Meme

My kids love it!