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Limitless Acrobatics - Drift Car

** High Ultimate Adrenaline acrobatic Car Racing
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Turbo Fast Angry Drift Racing is more than a speed car rash game, if you prefer something a little more realistic.
This extreme car racing game features some high airborne good graphics and a large collection of crazy speed cars for race to choose from that you can unlock and purchase.

Turbo Fast Angry Drift Racing has single player and multiplayer modes(coming soon...) so you can go about things solo racing or challenge enhancing adrenaline with others racers.

** Feel the intensity with Turbo Fast Angry Drift Racing : Limitless drift

This is real racing, so the tracks are actual real track locations used for best extreme races and the roster of speedy cars is real too. There’s also tons of races in Limitless nitro mode and with multiplayer you can have a lot of racers players and race against others cross-platform.

** The furious dirt race 3d : turbo fast

In most wanted you’ll be rising through the ranks as a new racer, while also trying to evade the pursuit of cops on your tail at certain points. There’s a large collection customizable supercars, and tons of different fast missions to undertake, to climb to the top.

**Turbo Fast Angry Drift Racing Key Features :

- High quality and Stunning 3D graphics design
- Big Collection of cars to choose from
- Smooth and realistic car handling
- Extremely long jumps possible with the turbo jet engines.
- Adrenaline pumping nitro-drifts !

** Coming soon

-Riptide race: best racing on the water

Limitless nitro , limitless drift , amazing acrobatics and more...
Race as the Radiator Springs cars, Tuner cars, Spy cars, or International Racers!


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