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Lime - Your Ride Anytime is free iOS app published by Neutron Holdings. Inc.

Charlotte scooters


Was so much fun to find places in Charlotte


An Legitimate Reviewer

I went to Long Beach for a family gathering and saw people on these scooters riding looked like a lot of fun so me being an adventurous human being, decided to download the app and try it out. Once I got it to unlock and start, that’s where things got annoying. I tried to ride the scooter but it didn’t move. It was like riding a regular scooter. I spent a great deal of time trying to figure it out and when I finally got annoyed with it and gave up. I proceeded to lock the scooter and it charges me more than 5 bucks! I didn’t even move at all from my spot. I only went up and down in short bursts a few times trying to get it to work and stopped to look up how to even get it to work! So it charges you on time and not on how far you go with it? I was beyond frustrated with their service and will never use again.



While visiting Seattle, my friend and I wanted to use the lime pods instead of renting a car for the weekend. After applying to use the pod, reading the requirements, I agreed to use the 15 dollar deposit fee knowing that I had nothing to worry about. After agreeing, my drivers license was declined and I was told I would receive an email explaining why. Never got an email... so then I called the next day complaining because I had been declined and told no reason why and was told the problem was because my issue date of my current license was less than a year (even though I’ve legally been driving more than a decade and that was not explained in the requirements) and that the only way to be cleared was to scan my old license that says VOID on it. I don’t know why anyone would carry an old, unusable license around. Upset with this issue and explaining I wanted to speak to a manager about this problem since this was a glitch in their system I was instead hung up on and they have successfully taken 15 dollars from me that I can’t even use in the state I live in. TERRIBLE company, don’t support them, you’ll just be disappointed.

Utter failure


I want my $1 back since it won’t log in.

The best



Over charged

james commander

My first ride sat for over an hour didn’t bk now i had to end ride and take pictures please refund so I can continue to ride / rent and enjoy

Fun fun but...


I loved riding it but the scooter gave no warning that we were going in a red zone ( where the scooter can not be operated) and I had to re-boot it by pausing it to get it to go in a green zone. But other than that it was fun



It was a fun experience.



I love this invention

Lyft is better

Love hay day but...❤️💚💜👌👌

Lyft is better & cheaper. Lime is toooo over priced now. lyft can have all my money.