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Lime - Your Ride Anytime is free iOS app published by Neutron Holdings. Inc.

No battery


Never worked

First time , I loved it



Wouldn’t end ride


Wouldn’t end ride

Great ride n downtown CCTX


Easy to use and ride

Avoid the hazards of Lime


Terrible maintenance combined with even worse customer service. Lime allowed a scooter that had brake & battery issues to remain in service. It put me in a hazardous situation & Lime didn’t deliver yet it kept my money. When I left a review, customer service tells me that they can’t do anything because I didn’t get off the scooter immediately. If I had they would have charged me $50 for not chaining it up since there was no rack. Solution = just deleted the app to never reinstall again- I suggest you do the same!

Frugal bikes


It’s insane. You removed bikes from Seattle downtown because it is “low use season”?! That a insane. I used bikes ONLY at cold season because it is faster. I DONT use bikes on summer because it is warm and walking is nicer. And now you are saying when should I use and when I shouldn’t use your bikes. You know what? I used like because it was more convenient than Uber jump. Now I’m going to use ONLY Uber jump bikes, at any time - winter or summer. I hope everyone will forget what is like bile by spring. Thanks you for being customer obsessed company!

Become worst


Heard great things about lime. The scooters are horrible. Not in good shape. My whole body rattles when i ride them. And the app doesn’t locate the scooters properly. I’ve missed my trains and went around finding where the scooter is without any luck. I also hate how the app will ask you to rate your rude every single time. Get over it now. Come on! Overall a really bad experience. Trying to locate the scooters plus the inventory is less too.



They become very expensive and the scooter are very bad. Better the competitors.


anon rider 22

Too many bikes don’t accelerate properly but you’re still charged for the ride - that’s bad business.

Ridiculously expensive.


This used to be something fun and good. Now it’s getting ridiculously and stupidly expensive. Just like the toll tag in Dallas. Sometimes even more expensive than Uber.

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