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Lime - Your Ride Anytime is free iOS app published by Neutron Holdings. Inc.



I need to do this again

First ride


Face planted but I’m good


david j mc

The electric bikes in London are super expensive, it’s cheaper to use public transport which defeats the object using a bike

Awosme whip

Ironed 103

Fast fun and a good time .needs cup holder beside that’s it was a blast

Too slow

John Toronto

To slow

Nice scooters


Easy to use app

Cool ride



Cool ride


Thank you

Easy and fast

Portly Racer

Loved it. And I’m 58, portly, and knockin’ on old age. It was fun!

First timer


I’m a local here in Lake Tahoe and my son has been bugging me to ride these lime scooters. Well today was the first day and I wish I would’ve started at the beginning of the summer because it was a lot of fun. Cheap and easy way for me in my son to have fun together for a couple of hours that doesn’t include a joystick.