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Lime - Your Ride Anytime is free iOS app published by Neutron Holdings. Inc.

Like scooter


I can’t even log into my account it keeps logging me out

Make sure to end your rides!!!


When I ended my ride the first time it didn’t work. So I ended up spending extra money that I could have used somewhere else. That is the only reason I didn’t rate it five stars. Other than that the scooters are super fun and much better than walking.

Lime Scooter


So much fun, easy access and very affordable!

Nice ride

Sleepy brown best

Thank you

LimePod is Trash


This is for LimePod usage. Firstly, I had trouble signing up. I got an error push notification from Lime saying they needed more information from me to process the application. I clicked it taken back to the app with no other information and no way to find more information. Your app needs more explicit error messaging. I happen to know what the error is because my girlfriend also went through this rigamarole, but if she hadn’t, I wouldn’t know what my next steps were. That’s a bottleneck where you could be losing customers. I also happen to know other problems she has (with pausing rides, seeing cars marked as “available” on the app and then getting to them and them not being available because of problems with gas or with the cars themselves, locking and unlocking and the capabilities that the support team is allowed to perform) which is why I’m giving two stars. The extra star is because once the cars are rented, they’re usable.



This was wicked sick!

Rip off


Paid just under $40 for 2 scooters. Rode them for 15 minutes. We traveled 1.5 miles. We stopped for dinner and I guess it still charges you when you hit pause. I failed to read the small print. But that is ridiculous.

It works..


Nice ride .. But where can you park in Cambridge? Can one park in a public bike rack?

You are the only reason you wouldn’t have fun on these!


So I have literally used lime for business and personal appointments! The app some times doesn’t let me log in and I have to reset it plus I got denied to be a juicer which by far probably one of the cooolest jobs I have ever heard of but I am a true fan through and through! I can’t believe that this would even be acceptable to consider as a job but I would make it my career and travel city to city with the company repairing scooters and or just getting them charged and dropped off in the location needed! Completely love all of this! Not even getting into the riding them yet! I have rode scooters but not the bike unfortunately! I will seek one out soon! Just between employment right now makes it hard to get a o play on my only enjoyment since my divorce 7 years ago! I wish they were everywhere including Spokane valley because I spent some time out there couch surfing and that definitely sucked not having Lomé get me around! Lime is simple and it’s cheaper then a cab and if you put head phones in and mob you will be just fine! I don’t work for them even though I want to and would travel yet I still am happy to use their service and every town I go to has to have lime! Send me “20 chargers I will have them charged all day and night” promise

App crashes after login


Hi, is it possible to fix login issue? Crashes after login and vip the session. iPhone XS Max.