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LIMBO is paid iOS app published by LIMBO ApS / Playdead ApS

Beautifully Sad.


There are very few games out there that come even remotely close to successfully invoking as much raw emotion and imagination as Playdead's LIMBO produces. The way the developers were able to harness darkness and pain and transform it into something as beautiful as this is truly remarkable. The way the visuals are meticulously paired with the audio is also brilliant. This just further proves how much attention to detail was paid during the making of this masterpiece. The game mechanics are near flawless, with only minor issues when dealing with time sensitive obstacles. But, l've literally played the game so many times that at this point, they are not even noticeable. Worth every single cent.


Clash Royale.Amazazing

It was an awesome game! It was hard and stressful but it is like a mind and puzzle game! Try it out for only 4$! It’s sooo much fun!

One of the greatest, not just on iOS

Stryder Jin

This is a fantastic title and the fact the developer is updating it still speaks volumes of their commitment to it. Fantastic game on any platform and runs well on iOS. Hopefully they’ll port Inside to iOS in the future.


bachlotettr girl 69

Ya bes gamA

Cloud save for multiple devices


Absolutely love this game the developers have done a fantastic job. It’s unique and original and a pleasure to play! My only frustration is you cant play on one device and pick up from the same spot on another device....please consider cloud saves so the experience is seamless and I can continue progress on my phone or iPad. I’m playing 2 different games on my iPad and iPhone I wish they were synced! Thx!

Really great game but......


Once you're done, that's it. Why bother playing again? Any new updates? New game play? Sequel? Get with the program developers.


Pony girl03


Unravel: Morbid Edition


If you’ve played Unravel, you’ll notice a lot of similarities in Limbo; a cute character in an unknown world, solving puzzles to progress through the beautiful, dream-like landscape. The difference here is that Limbo takes it one step further and let’s you die. Now, I don’t mean die like “oops I messed up and have to go back to try again. I mean like, “caught in a bear trap with blood splattering” die. The thing is... it’s beautiful. It’s not red blood and gore, but you definitely have moments where you say, “oh wow.” I’ve only been playing for less than two hours, and I’m in love with the game. My ONLY complaint is that the controls feel too touchy. To move, you slightly drag your finger in the direction you want to move. But there are times when you need to get close to harmful items to move them, but you accidentally nudge too much and end up dying. I feel like an option to have a small directional pad in the corner of the screen would be easier. However, this is a minor annoyance rather than a game-breaker. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I am!

Appreciated Game!

Rate Matser

Seriously guys what wrong with all of you? The game is incredible and designed beautiful and scripted uniquely and you complain? I haven’t played a game in 15 Years! Yep you hear that right and Limbo Dazzled! Love it and this is my first review on App Store ever. I just wanna thank you guys for the incredible game as I wish there was more of it and would love to pay more to get more levels doesn’t matter as long as the game have the same script and same elements and design. Thank you! And I would highly recommend the game if anyone just ignore those reviews which doesn’t make any sense. Cheers to you all folks.

Make another one it’s freakin awesome please


Please just make another one this game is the best iPhone game ever or just make more chapters