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LIMBO is paid iOS app published by Playdead ApS

Bad controls


The controls for movement are absolutely terrible and ruins the game!

Too short


I payed for it yesterday and within around 10 hours I was able to complete it. It wasn’t the hardest game in the world but it wasn’t necessarily easy either, I enjoyed the game I was simply upset it was over so fast

Not optimized for iPad Pro


Why is this amazing game not optimized for iPad Pro??????


Pops Perk

This is the WORST game EVER! Stupid, morbid, & frustrating!!! Stay away!! Nothing but BS traps! Spend your hard earned money in something better

Love it


Can’t wait for them to come up with another one! This game is incredible, I couldn’t put my phone down I had to keep figuring out each puzzle! So good!

Horrifyingly Beautiful

Miku 02

Limbo is spine-chilling fun that is sure to rattle your bones!

Great game. Don’t play this here

Kade Adams

I love this game. I enjoyed it until the ending. And yes, the controls messed this game up. I nearly beat the game and then having to deal with the terrible controls. I love Limbo and I totally recommend it. But, please don’t buy it here. Controls can ruin a game, and it ruined it on mobile. I recommend buying this game on a console. I don’t know if I could possibly beat Limbo after writing this review, but if I do, it’ll probably take at least a couple hundred times. I love Limbo and it’s amazing detail and sounds that make the game an amazing experience. But, please don’t buy this here.

Great game


I really loved this game, it’s a 2D scroller, puzzle game. The puzzles do take some thinking, and are very satisfying when you figure them out. I also loved the art style and music so much, it really absorbs you into the game. I’d recommend this game.

Incredible game but it’s missing something important


The game’s theme, puzzles and gameplay are great but it’s not available on the Apple TV. This would be the thing that would make me give it 5 stars. INSIDE was ported to the Apple TV, so the knowledge about how to make this one available there is within the company.

Limbo is an amazing game


Limbo is a freakishly weird and also beautiful game and I beat it twice it’s so fun