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LIMBO is paid iOS app published by Playdead ApS

Immensely satisfying


My almost 7yo and I have been playing this game intermittently for a couple of weeks now and both had just a tremendous time playing it. The puzzles are really well designed. Just difficult enough but still logical. Not once were we frustrated. Sure we failed plenty of times but you are never kicked back very far and when we finally did solve a difficult puzzle, there was always a sense of accomplishment that is often missing in other, "click around randomly" games. The pride in my son's voice when he figured something out (on many occasions before I did) was priceless. If you have children that like puzzles, check this out. There are some "gruesome" deaths but they're shown in monochrome. IMO it's more than balanced by the sense of wonder and analytical thinking it instills.

Got Stuck!


On chapter 10 the big block at the end lowers, but the smaller block isn't high enough to get to the other side.

Absolutely incredible.


When I first saw this game, I thought it was just gonna be another boring app since that's how it seems for a lot of apps lately, but this game is nothing like I thought it would be. It has an amazing thought of it and it's levels are very well made. It almost seems as if this was a game on/made for the computer. I've made it about more than half way through the campaign and I still love it. It was honestly the best dollar I've spent on an app in a long time. It doesn't get boring easily and it makes you want to just keep playing it until you pass that one level that you're trying to finish. I recommend it to anyone who loves an interesting, puzzling game.

Great game but can strike a nerve!

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I absolutely loved this game and got entirely too consumed into it. Sometimes it is hard to see some of what is going on due to the game being dark but it makes it much more harder. Aside from the controls irritating you sometimes (sliding for jump and it doesn't) it is awesome and well worth getting.