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LIMBO is paid iOS app published by LIMBO ApS / Playdead ApS

iPad controls are basically unworkable


Too bad the developers ruin an otherwise great experience by dragging you back to focusing on overly precise motor skills instead of the puzzles.



Deleted before finishing. Thought it was too difficult and repetitive, had to rely on a walkthrough for most of it.

Best Game ever!


This game Is one the best games wath I playing ever!

How do u jump?!😡😖😭


I really want to know how to jump the day I got it I didn't know how to jump! Tell me please!

Great game

Mr. Bob123456

This game is a masterpiece and I highly recommend it.

Looks great. Poor play.

Still yet another person

Beautiful game, but in iOS there’s no tutorial or instructions and controls are completely non-intuitive. A frustrating waste of time. And $2. Warning - depicts children hanging from nooses. I would have appreciated that warning upfront. Deleted.

Great way to kill time

glacier pilot

I needed a dark room to see the dark shades well. Took me 1/2the game to master the tapping and dragging controls. Wish there was a sequel.

Great game, bad controls


Beautiful, compelling, clever. Only down side is that half the puzzles require well-timed actions, but the controls are crap, leading to a lot of annoying repeated attempts at puzzles you know the answer to.

Only game that’s ever made me cry


This game is beautiful Inside and out The soundtrack is phenomenal The puzzles are challenging by achievable A perfect balance Melancholic The only ending to a game that made me cry



The creativity of this game is far beyond the best!!!! I love this!! Is so addicting and it makes you think!!! 5 stars!! Everyday!!

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