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LikeHero - Boost your social presence on Instagram with likes

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The ultimate app to help you get more likes and followers on Instagram.

Join a vibrant community of like-minded users to promote your photos and get more followers. Each photo you like and each user you follow, will bring you coins. You can in turn spend your coins to put your photos on display for other users of LikeHero to see, or ask them to follow you. Our community is getting larger by the day and brings you great opportunities to promote your beautiful photos.

LikeHero is the simplest app to promote your photos on Instagram:
1. Like photos or follow others to earn coins.
2. Use the coins to get more likes or followers.
3. There is no step 3.

To get more exposure without doing the hard work, you can purchase the coins (it's a bargain, really) and with them your way to the stars! No one will ever know how you manage to get so much Instagram Love in such a short time!

Instant gratification guaranteed :)

Be a hero. Use LIkeHero.


Actually works

I love it


I love this app I just got it within a couple minutes and it's already showing amazing results.


Good app


This is the best ??

Im poppin
Wave godd

Super litty im poppin again

Awesome app!

This app is so cool i really recommend it to everyone!

it kinda lags

it's a great app but it lags and doesn't always give me stuff to like


I think this app should get a five star rating because you get to see so many different people and you get to see what kind of stuff they post. I'm glad I found this app :)

I love this app

I think the developer is very intelligent nice one

Like hero
like hero lover

It's a really cool app.

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