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Capture the moment and make it your own with Adobe Lightroom. Get essential tools to craft incredible images everyday, everywhere — whether you’re a beginner or a pro. It’s all your photography. All in one place.
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Photo & Video Free Adobe Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Note: Lightroom requires a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan.

The power to perfect your photography.

• Bring out the best in your images with simple one-click presets to powerful advanced adjustment tools.
• Experiment fearlessly, and then revert to your original with just one click.
• Edit smartphone photos to raw images from DSLRs and access them across devices.

Your photography, everywhere you are.

• View, organize, edit and share photos across mobile devices, desktop and the web.
• Automatically sync photo edits, metadata and collection info with all your Lightroom enabled devices.

Your photos tell a story. Share yours.

• Easily share photos online via social networks, and get feedback from family and friends in beautiful Lightroom web galleries.
• Craft visual stories and animated videos with access to your photos in Adobe Voice and Slate, available from the App Store.
• Access all your Lightroom photos across a growing list of photography apps and services including 500px and more.

Note: Adobe Lightroom requires a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan.

Lightroom mobile is also available on iPad


Good and bad

It’s a really great app to edit pro style photos but the syncing of photos into Lightroom and the tedious back and forth trying to get your photos to upload into Lightroom to edit them is absolutely awful . Please fix this or I’m not paying for a subscription

Needs to allow peak HDR brightness from iPhone photos

This app would be absolutely perfect if it didn’t take away the HDR peak brightness on iPhone photos. When I take a photo on my iPhone and view it in the apple photos app, the HDR parts of the photos POP with the full brightness available on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, when I load the photo into Lightroom it takes away the peak brightness in the areas where the HDR comes into play. I’ve tried changing every possible setting and I’ve gotten ahold of customer support and all they made me do was delete and re-download the app (this did not work, and the CSR had no other ideas to help me out). To see what I mean, take a photo on an iPhone, upload it to Lightroom, and re-download it to your camera roll without making any edits or changes. When you toggle back and forth between the original and the Lightroom version you can tell a huge difference in peak brightness. It sort of ruins the experience for me and I find myself using the standard photos app to enhance my pictures because it retains the HDR peaks, unlike Lightroom. I believe that a software update to allow Lightroom to recognize and retain the peak brightness from iPhone photos would solve this issue. Other than this, the app is amazing.

Best editor tool i have used so far
madak kyam illa

Any photo can become masterpiece with Lightroom

Age limit

Well, it says 12+, so why cant kids use it?

Adobe is garbage

Adobe is complete garbage now and the subscription to their programs is a scam. I’ve never had so many issues with a program until I had to buy Adobe and use the UN-creative cloud. It’s like paying for a virus but worse. Would switch back to my old version of Lightroom but I don’t want to get sued for using a product I paid for. Thanks for the trash Adobe


update have a bug in export photo

A must

Hands down a staple for anyone creative

Stop wasting my time

I’m writing this in an emotional state- but I am SO SICK of paying SO MUCH MONEY for this software THAT I HAVE CONSTANT SYNCING ISSUES WITH. I was thinking about it and they literally have to hire middle schoolers to do their coding because high schoolers could do it. Why do I pay HUNDREDS a year for bootleg coding that NEVER works??? And now I lost hours of life and they’re ruined my weekend because I have 0 time to even sleep to make deadlines because they screwed me over. Again. AGAIN. I hate Adobe. They’re a giant ripoff and total trash. I am just so mad that I pay them so much freaking money for a software that doesn’t even do basic functions. God, I cannot believe I have to choose between hours of work and getting them to sync. They just make me delete all my work because their software is utter trash. It is SO BASIC. AND THEY JUST CANT DO IT. They should pay me for putting up with them and wasting all my freaking time and continuously wrecking me life and health. I hate you, Adobe. I hate you. I really truly hate you. If I pay you so much money: JUST FREAKING WORK!!!!!!!!! IT IS NOT HARD AND YOU NEVER MEET MINIMAL EXPECTATIONS

Is not working for me
jonny alex

Is not working

Just what I was looking for

I was trying so hard to find a photo editor that was free. As an entrepreneur every penny counts. But nothing had the quality and usability that I wanted. So I did the free trial, and I will renew my subscription. I love this.