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Let's TAP : Tap Runner

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The ultimate challenge in the space, Tap Runners races through various obstacles
Tap softly to run, tap hard to jump! Control your tap and reach the goal faster than rivals!

Tap Runner travels the space, from Earth to Moon to asteroids belt

Can you become the champion of the universe?


Three super-instinctive control styles!

You can choose from the original "Tap" style which you can play
the game without even touching your iPhone/iPod touch,
or "Free" style which you can tap any part of your device,
or standard "Touch" style which you tap the screen.


World's first! Even penguins can play this game!

Put your iPhone/iPod touch on a table or a box, then simply tap the surface!
That's it, you don't even have to hold your iPhone/iPod touch to play the game!

No more button-mash or complex commands, all you need is TAP!
Control is so simple this game is for everyone, or every penguin!
Everybody Let's TAP!


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