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One tap, many photos!
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snap.me is a simple yet powerful timer camera app that will take pictures of you and your loved ones without the need to press buttons or even hold the device. Just set your desired time interval between the shots and let the camera roll!

Want to take a group photo without having someone left out?
Is there no one around to take a picture of you?
In need of building your Instagram feed?
Simply put down your device on a safe place and let the snap.me timers make your perfect shot!


* A clean, yet familiar and easy to use interface
* No ads, no in-app purchases
* Built-in gallery to organize your photos
* Toggle between auto/on/off flash modes
* Switch cameras
* Zoom
* Choose to save photos to your camera roll or save locally in the app
* Take 3 or even 120 photos with one tap!
* Set the delay between each shot
* Show/hide grid
* Dark mode support

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So easy to use! I love it

love love love!!
Super Potato Man?

absolutely love this app. super user friendly, fun to use, and definitely the best timer app i’ve ever had

Good Buddy

Nice stuff.

New and in love

Okay I only used the app once but omg I think I’m in love lol. It’s literally the app that I’ve been looking for! Thank you

easy to use
? cwissi ?


good app

makes taking pictures sm easier!!! i love this app. the quality is also really good! u can choose any amount of pictures u want and how long it takes to take them. no ads no prices $!p

Bella Hafif

Tiene una muy buena calidad y sirve muchísimo me encanta la app

eff a boomer

Works just as needed. I’m not a professional or anything, just someone that needs help taking nice pictures of myself and this app is great.

My new favorite

I don’t need anyone to take my pics anymore

uo ur moms butt

It’s great and gives you a time of your choice to wait for the next picture to be taken!

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